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  • Webslider maxvalue at bottom

    I'd like to know if it is possible to have the maxvalue at bottom and the minvalue on top (inverse range order)

    It seems it is always bottom to top or left to right.


  • Getting Dynamic Text Box Value

    I have successfully implemented the ValueChanged clientevent to capture the value of hte slider and put it in a text box... this works great when i know the ID of the text box at design time.  However, I'm encapsulating the slider in a compositeControl…

  • value label displays wrong value

    I'm using a webslider with a valuetype=datetime.  I have the valuelabel set to display on RightOrBottom.  The valuelabel displays wrong for certain dates.  The control has the correct values when access from the server so it is just a client side display…

  • Actual WebSlider value not available server-side, after assigning a specific ID


    I have some problems with WebSlider-Controls.

    In our Web-Application we create all dialogues and the containing controls dynamically. For client-side handling, our controls get specific IDs. So we can easily itdentify them for example in JavaScript…

  • How do I Update a WebTextEdit Box with Slider Value Changed

    I have put a small sample together to work with WebTextEdit Boxes and WebSliders.  I can change the value of the slider when the text box changes but I am not able to change the value of the WebTextEdit box when the slider value has changed. 

    What am I…

  • duplicate link tags in html with different paths

    I have a simple page with just a webtoolbar.  When I view the html source I see

    <link href='../ig_res/default/ig_shared.css' type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' />
    <link href='../ig_res/default/ig_toolbar.css' type='text/css…

  • Track look and feel

    I have the requirement to use the slider to input data items like in a Query by example.  Two of my requirements are: "Greater Than" and "Outside of"

    All of the other cases are: less than, equal to, between... Those have a "track"…

  • webslider not in the toolbox.


    I installed the trial version of NetAdvantage.  I am not able to find the WebSlider control in the toolbox of visual studio.

    I tried to see if i can add it to the toolbox, but i did not find it in the list.

    What can be the problem?

    Thank you…

  • Web sliders?

    I'm trying to use a web slider to allow a user to increment (or decrement) data by a percentage that is tied to the slider value.

    The slider appears normally when I test from within Visual Studio (VB 2008, ASP.Net 3.5, running on Vista Business 32…

  • problems with Master Pages

    I have a problem with the webSpliter, when I use the ultrawebtab the dropdownlist down with the page. please help me I need the urgence. 

  • how to drag range

    I have the webslider setup with the secondarythumb enabled so that I can have a range that is filled in between the thumbs.  Is it possible to drag this range by clicking on the track in between the thumbs?   




  • default datetime format?

    How does the webslider decide the default format for displaying datetime values for the valuelabel? It seems to be M/d h but on 1 of my forms it is M/d/y.  I found the client side event "FormatValueLabel" where I can set the _dateFormat but I was just…

  • Minimum Height and Width Property Values

    Just a suggestion - you guys might want to consider having minimum values for the height and width properties for the WebSlider

    Paste the following snippets into a web form to see what I'm talking about:

    <cc1:WebSlider Height="100"
  • Using a WebSlider within UltraWebGrid Templates

     We have been using the webgrid template feature extensively but are having difficulty in accessing the WebSlider control within the template using client side events. We've managed successfully to employ a WebDateChooser utility which allows us to access…

  • Minor UI Issues

    1 - What property do you need to set to get the WebSlider to display the midpoint value like is shown in the sample in the help file?

    2 - Is there a way to have the slider show a value for each mark on it?

    3 - When you use the WebSlider in a vertical…

  • Unable to access WebSlider in WebDataGrid pager template


    I have tried to replicate the following demo:

    It works really well if I hard code the min and max values for the slider as done in the demo. I can page through the data just fine.


  • Learn to Build a WebDataGrid Custom Pager

    Watch the video here

    This article demonstrates how to implement a WebDataGrid custom pager with the following features:

    • First, previous, next and last buttons
    • Direct access to individual pages
    • Display of current page number
    • Display of total record c…
  • Reset Slider Min and Max values client side

    I have a slider whose valuetype is DateTime and I would like to reset the slider on the client side. I've tried calling set_value and set_secondaryValue with the min and max values but it throws a javascript error trying to convert to double.


  • WebSlider Server Side Event Not Called

    Hi All,

       Am using Web slider control how to i use value chaged event its not fired on value chage...

    please Help Any one..

    It very urgent...





  • Two Thums In WebSlider

    Hi All,

     I am using two thumps slider. I want to get both thump value at client side.... now i get single thump value from this code.

       function WrpRefresh(slider, args)
             var slider=document.getElementById('wpCmsRating');      

  • How to use the programming in operating the Track of the WebSlider?


      I am chinese. my english is very poor.

     My Problem : How to use the programming in operating the Track of the WebSlider? like Progress Control.



  • WebSlider not working in WebTab

    Hi all!

     I try to use the webslider in a WebTab with the settings AsyncMode=On and EnableLoadOnDemand=True. When I initially load the page and the tab with the slider is visible, it is working fine. Now I switch through the tabs. When I switch to the tab…