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  • calendarinfochanged

    I am using the winschedule and it works fine.

    My issue is i need to update our database when the user moves an appointment to a different date/time. I am currently using the calendarinfochanged, but that gets called all the time.

    What do i need to check…

  • WinSchedule Appointment screen customization

    Related to my prior inquiry (, this one will be specifically about the appointment dialog. based on the sample WINSCHEDULE DATABASE…

  • WinSchedule sample confusion / questions

    So I'm going through the documentation and sample programs for WinSchedule. And I have lots of questions...

    As a point of reference, I am looking primarily at the demo titled "WINSCHEDULE DATABASE DEMO VB".

    First, I am baffled at the design…

  • Clone AppointmentRecurrence

    Hi All,

    I am having trouble finding documentation on copying/cloning an AppointmentRecurrence.  In our application, the user creates an Appointment and specifies the recurrence pattern. We store the AppointmentRecurrence in the database using Save() and…

  • Change backcolor of current selected month


    I'm new with Infragistics and I am trying to change the background color of the current selected month. (See image)

    I want the orange to be another color.

    I tried with something like this.monthview.CalendarLook.Something.Appearance.BackColor …

  • Is It Possible to have Days colored in UltraDateTimeEditor?

    Hi Team

    Is It possible, dates to be colored with diff colors in UltraDateTimeEditor like UltraCalendarCombo.?

  • Add second reminder to appointment


    My project needs each appointment to have two reminders. Like one reminder can be 5 minutes before and the second can be 2 days before. 

    Is there any sample implementing this?  Could some one please provide the direction in which I should work to…

  • Store Appointment in the database in plain text format. or retrieve dates, location etc from binary field to run the query.


    I want to run the query on my appointment table that has recurrence member and all properties stored in binary format. 

    How can I store the data so it can be used to filter the results? This needs to be done in the database so can not use Infragistics…

  • Store recurring appointments in database and use the 'Outlook2003Appointment-Dialog'

    Hello, i work on an old Project with VS2008; .Net 2.x and Infragistics 8.2 (not possible to upgrade the Project at the Moment!). I use the calender info and fill the appointments and owner structure via dataset from a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. I store…

  • UltraCalendarInfo.ExportICalendar does not export recurrence of the event


    I am using the NetAdvantage 2011.1. UltraCalendarInfo.ExportICalendar to save the appointment as an ics file. It works but even if the appointment has the recurrence set into it. It does not get exported to the ics file.

    Is there something I missed…

  • Recurrence interpretation.

    Hi All. 

    I am storing the recurrence as a byte array into the database. There is another program that keeps the track of the reminders. How can the other program read the database and interpret the byte array to read the occurrences and take action? 


  • I am new to WinSchedule. Please if there any sample application CS or


    I am trying to implement WinSchdule in my application. The goal is to design a reminder generator. I wanted to use Winschedule to set up the appointments. I could not locate any sample. If a sample application could be provided would be a great help…

  • Best practice for getting the event of ColumnWidth property change of UltraTimelineView

    I’m using UltraTimeView Control, user can resize the column width.
    I want to get the value of ColumnWidthResolved property,
    when the column width has been changed.
    Actually I’m using PropertyChanged event of UltraTimelineView control.

  • Scroll for more appointments in UltraMonthView and UltraWeekView


    We use WinSchedule Infragistics UltraControls v16.2 for WinForms.

    When adding multiple appointments to the UltraCalendarInfo, they appear nice in the different views (UltraDayView, UltraWeekView, UltraMonthView and UltraTimeLineView).

    In UltraWeekView…

  • ultramonthviewsingle single day event bar

    Using 2008 and Infragistics 9.2. Using a ultramonthviewsingle  and have an appointment that is a single day (contained in one box), when selecting it it does not show the small white boxes for dragging to multiple days. If I have a multiple day…

  • How I can improve performance of modifying owner' appearance property?

    Hi, I bind a calendarInfo with a dataset and it works. This calendarInfo offers information to UltraMonthViewMulti for selecting activeday, to UltraWeekView, Ultra

    UltraMonthViewSingle, UltraWeekView, UltraDayView and UltraTimelineView for showing the…

  • Implement Winform UltraWin Schedule Appointment Grouping

    I have a c# winform project where i need to add two tabs: one for all the reservations and one for a reservations by Apartment as Gantt View.

    I have tried to add the appointment table to my SQL  database and tried to modify the database code to link it…

  • AppointmentBinding does not work if recurrence-appointment

    sorry for my bad English,

    the Problem:
    I have a code VB.Net and Access database,
    everything worked well, Appointment, Recurrence and AppointmentBackcolor
    but now suddenly the Recurrence Appointments are no longer displayed in the same code
    If I delete…
  • MonthViewSingle

    I'm setting up a test area to use MonthViewSingle. I need some help in Visual Studio. The main example code copied in and I added the references I needed. It still needs properties and Styles. where can I find the code that goes with the example.

  • Prevent right click of behind an appointment

    I want to prevent right click  to the area of behind an existing appointment in the Infragistics.Win.UltraWinSchedule.UltraDayView.

    How can i achieve this?

  • An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll

    I have a UltraWinSchedule control and it is working without any issue in Windows 7 machines. However in windows 10 machines we are getting stackoverflow exception. Now it will work on some windows 10 machines but not in others. In the call stack I foun…

  • Stackoverflow exception


    I have a UltraWinSchedule control and it is working without any issue in Windows 7 machines. However in windows 10 machines we are getting stackoverflow exception. In the call stack I found   


  • Trailing days appearance on UltraMonthViewSingle


    We're using UltraMonthViewSingle to display a month and would like to change they way the trailing days are being displayed.

    Specifically, make them a bit more grayish, or change their backcolor a bit.

    Is this possible?



  • Using the ultraMonthViewSingle1 control

    I'm not sure which section this belongs to. I am trying to populate the ultraMonthViewSingle1 with events happening for days within the month view.

    Any suggestion as to where to go and look for a working example. The different days events are being…

  • Customize UI of Win Schedule Appointment


    I am reposting this because i have posted this in a wrong place... I need to embedd the two dropdowns in a Win Schedule appointment object and i also need to have control over their data binding for these two dropdowns. In other words i have to