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  • MonthViewSingle

    I'm setting up a test area to use MonthViewSingle. I need some help in Visual Studio. The main example code copied in and I added the references I needed. It still needs properties and Styles. where can I find the code that goes with the example.

  • Prevent right click of behind an appointment

    I want to prevent right click  to the area of behind an existing appointment in the Infragistics.Win.UltraWinSchedule.UltraDayView.

    How can i achieve this?

  • An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll

    I have a UltraWinSchedule control and it is working without any issue in Windows 7 machines. However in windows 10 machines we are getting stackoverflow exception. Now it will work on some windows 10 machines but not in others. In the call stack I foun…

  • Stackoverflow exception


    I have a UltraWinSchedule control and it is working without any issue in Windows 7 machines. However in windows 10 machines we are getting stackoverflow exception. In the call stack I found   


  • Trailing days appearance on UltraMonthViewSingle


    We're using UltraMonthViewSingle to display a month and would like to change they way the trailing days are being displayed.

    Specifically, make them a bit more grayish, or change their backcolor a bit.

    Is this possible?



  • Using the ultraMonthViewSingle1 control

    I'm not sure which section this belongs to. I am trying to populate the ultraMonthViewSingle1 with events happening for days within the month view.

    Any suggestion as to where to go and look for a working example. The different days events are being…

  • Customize UI of Win Schedule Appointment


    I am reposting this because i have posted this in a wrong place... I need to embedd the two dropdowns in a Win Schedule appointment object and i also need to have control over their data binding for these two dropdowns. In other words i have to

  • UltraDayView Appointment only show left border

    I am looking to only show the border for an appointment on the left hand side, I found a way to change the border color using appointment.Appearance.BorderColor = Color.FromArgb(214, 240, 254). This allowed me to essentially hide the border by making…

  • Change time slot divider style/color in UltraDayView

    Is there a way to change the divider style between time slots, right now it is a solid Line, is it possible to make it a dashed line, or even change the color in some way?

  • Bold certain items on an Appointment in ultra day view

    I have found out how to bold all the text on the appointment in the UltraDay View but I cannot figure out how to bold just the subject, or even better just the first line. Any ideas?

  • Calendar (day view) schedules for multiple people

    I am currently making EWS calls and am able to get back the Availability / Busy times with start/end DateTime values for multiple people. I now need a way to display this within a UI. Ideally I would show something very similar to the Scheduling Assistant…

  • Culture fr-CA not applied correctly for UltraMonthViewSingle


    We are using the UltraMonthViewSingle control to show appointments and we have an issue with the culture fr-CA (using the 24 hours time format) where the PM hours are shown as AM time format. I mean that if we have an appointment from 10h to 23h…

  • Show Diifferent Owners For Different Days

    Lets say from the multimonth view the user selected a week of days.  Lets also say there is 2 owners on the calendar info obect.  OWNER X and OWNER Y.

    I want to show in the day view the first 3 days of appointments for OWNER X and the Last 4 days for OWNER Y 

  • I need to set the hour cells with different appearance and that before the user selects the working hours

    on a ultraDayView control
    I need to set the hour cells with different appearance and that before the user selects the working hours
    And if possible to set a legend it would be great.  
  • How to highlight the full day cell in an UltraMonthViewSingle?


    Is there a way to highlight the full day cell in an UltraMonthViewSingle instead of just the header at the top?

    Thank you!

  • Print custom date header when IncludeDateHeaderArea = false


    I'd like to create a custom header for the printing of a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.

    I have set IncludeDateHeaderArea = false

    How do I go about extracting the text that was in the header area so I can place it in my custom header…

  • Need input to improve performance of my winschedule control

    Hi Team,

    We are using Winschedule control (UltraDayview, UltraTimeLine, UltraMonthview ).


    We are facing performance problem when we have 70 owners and 15000 appointments in all.


    What should be the best practice or approach to…

  • TImeLineView


    I am wondering if there is a way to see more than one day in UltraTimelineView.

    Thank you.


  • UltraDayView - Hiding the ScheduleCurrentDayHeader


    Is there a way to hide the ScheduleCurrentDayHeader that is used by the UltraDayView control?

  • AllowRecurringAppointments in UltraCalendarInfo is causing issues


    When I set AllowRecurringAppointments property to true, UltraCalendarInfo is throwing an error. This is not consistently repeatable. Once you repeat it, opening the screen with UltracalendarInfo again will throw the same error. You need to close…

  • Questions about Control Behavior and Customization

    Please refer to the questions on the screenshot and let us know the answers if possible?

  • Custom data using Tag property

    I need to customize each appointments image, background color and bar color.  The appointments are bound to my dataset during the load and I would like to bind the Tag property to my CustomerData so that I can refer to those values in the AppointmentDataInitialized…

  • ultraweekview embedded usercontrol


    Can you tell me the way how how i can implement my own usercontrol in the ultraWeekView....

    I want to render a userControl inside the appointement to display some information.


  • Appointments overlap


    We are using 16.2 version and using an UltraDayView bound to an UltraCalendarInfo. The problem we are facing is that there are appointments that are being shown overpaled. We'd like to show one appointment by row when the starting time of next appointment…

  • Can the UltraDayView control have the TimeSlots height set in pixels

    In a project we currently have a slider control controlling the ColumnWidth property of the UltraTimelineView control to adjust the width of the columns to fit it more time primary intervals in.

    We would now like to do the same with the UltraDayView…