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  • How can I capture the user's interaction with y-axis labels (mouse enter, mouse click, etc.)?

    I want to allow the user to interact with the y-axis labels. For example, they might be able to right-click an axis label to get a context menu for a particular axis. Ultimately, I want to try to implement functionality that allows the user to click and…

  • Enumerator is not valid because the collection changed.

    I am embedding a 2D Line Chart, XamChart in a user control, which builds fine, but when I embed that control in another - the parent control and all subsequent parent controls fail in Expression Blend with a 'The enumerator is not valid because the collection…

  • Question About Multiple Series

    I'm working on a prototype application where I need to graph fluouresence data from a medical instrument.  I have 2 (at least to start) series of data. The first set is a set a raw values that has 50 data points.  The second set represents the second…

  • Handle when the user clicks the CentreData section of the chart?

    I have an XamDoughnutChart and I have added a SliceClick="DoughnutChart_SliceClick" handler.

    Is there a way I can handle when a user clicks the CentreData section of the chart?

    For example I want to display different data depending on if the…

  • Highlight a range


    I want to highlight a range in x and y direction for good values. if a value is between x[-20;20] and y[-15;15] it should be easily to see that the value is good.

    Like in the picture i attached. 

    Is it possible to draw a rectangle on the…

  • Clustered ColumnSeries on shared CategoryDateTimeXAxis

    Dear Support,

    I have trouble to show two ColumnSeries in a XamDataChart as clustered (with the bars side by side and not one in front of the other). My chart has a shared CategoryDateTimeXAxis and a shared NumericYAxis. If I replace the shared CategoryDateTimeXAxis…

  • XamDataChart keep zoomed out when source collection changes.

    Using XamDataChart 17.1 in C# 7.0 VS 2017



    I am having problem with setting zoombar level back to 100% in response to items being added to FlatDataSource. When FlatDataSource…

  • XamChart RenderTargetBitmap and DataBinding: Broken...

    I am writing an application where I must render a bitmap of a chart without in any way visually displaying it (so no adding it to the visual tree.) The only technique I have seen so far involves using a RenderTargetBitmap to do so.

    In a previous post…
  • xamChart

    We are using xamChart control in .net framework 2.0 application.

    Now we have upgraded application to .net 4.6 however we are not able to use xamChart  control.

    Is xamChart  control depreciated in .net framework 4.6 ? 



  • Struggling to set up x axis as I need it ... Help!


    I am monitoring temperature and I want to display the last 24 hours. I need the x axis to look like this:

    -24    -18    -12    -6    0       -The label intervals aren't really important.

    But because the datapoints are every minute, there will be 1440 data points…

  • Well Plate Control

    Hi ,

    I m going to write new Well plate control for our scientific sofwtare (see attached screenshot). This plate control has dynamic number of Columns and rows . It should be able to visualie Datapoints , graphview and Images in every well . Also should…

  • Chart , Multi-Series , Dynamic DataBinding , Path ?

    Hi Infragistics, as a helloworld exercise, I've got a line series , databound dynamically to a datastructure as follows:

     public class MyDataCollection : ObservableCollection


    works fine, all is well.

    However, my goal -- What I am…

  • StackedBar Data Chart

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to infragistics, I'm using 13.2. I have a WPF application where I want to use a stacked bar data chart but I want to place a dynamic number of series (Max approx. 1000) on the chart but all in line with each other as they will…

  • Not find Series.Animation in XamDataChart

    i am converting application 12.1 to 16.1 i changed XamChart to XamDataChart using 16.1 reference but we not get some properties like Series,Series.Animation,Series.Marker,Marker in XamDataChart  there are any new properties.

  • XamPieChart Binding SolidColorBrush

    Using 14.1, is there a way to bind colors from a dataset to the BrushCollection of a PieChart?

  • xampiechart

    How to use 3d Pie chart in 16.1 version and how to give diffrent color dynamically to chart

  • Infragistics XamDataChart Issue

    Hi Team,

    My requirment is as mentioned below i have got an observable collection that has List of services

    public class Service{

    public string ServiceName{get;set;}

    public string List<Report> {get;set;}


    In which each service has a list…

  • Any way to handle the case with some NULL values in the axis data?

    Here is my case, I got some NULL values in my axis data, and the graph just skip these null values which make the series broke into several separated lines.  So is there way that I can use to make the graph connect all the non-null points into a  line?…

  • Getting Underlying Value from Position in Polar Axis


    I've implemented a custom tooltip for the Polar Series, since I want to be able to visualize each continous point for a polar series and not just the marker tooltips.

    This is the XAML for my Polar Chart (almost the same as the sample Polar…

  • Could not found XamChart control in version 16.1

    After migrating from Infragistics 8.2 to 16.1 . We are getting errors related to XamChart control. 

    Could you please let me know which reference i need to add for getting XamChart control.

  • Context Menus on Polar Axis


    Based on a previous answer I have received, I was told that I can add a ContextMenu to an Axis by setting the LabelPanelStyle. That worked great for regular numeric axes.

    When I do the same for a Polar Axis, it also works, but it covers the entire…

  • Change of color scheme when upgrading from 13.1 to 15.1


    Is there any reason why the default color scheme has changed in Infragistics 15.1?

    With Infragistics 2013.1 our chart had the folowing colors as shown in the sample below.

    After migrating towards Infragistics 2015 volume 1 our chart had…

  • StackOverflow Exception loading HighDensityChart with Discrete data

    We found what seems to be a bug when trying to display certain kind of data with the HighDensity Series on the XamDataChart.

    Our data has discrete values on Y (3, 5, 7, etc), and many values on X on a small range.

    Apparently the High Density Chart…

  • Canvas on xamdatachart

    Hi thanks in advance. Is it possible draw line using canvas on xamdatachart?

  • MarkerSize Binding issue

    The minute I uncomment MarkerStyle Property, nothing shows up? what is wrong with this style?

    <Style TargetType="ig:ScatterSeries">
    <Setter Property="MarkerType"
    Value="{Binding ElementName=xmDataChart, Path=DataContext.YAxisViewModel…