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  • XamDockmanager: Disabled Contextmenu on ContentPane


    can I disabled the contextmenu on the contentpane via xaml? I wanted to edit the "PaneHeaderPresenter"-Style but there is the "positionMenu" already disabled.



  • Pinning and Unpinning XamDockManager Content Pane is slow

    I have a XamDockManager Content Pane that contains roughly 20 XamDataCards, which contain around 10-20 TemplateFields each. Pinning and Unpinning this content pane takes about 5 seconds from initial click to final pin state. Is this normal?

  • Change ContentPane BorderThickness when it's floating

    I have a ContentPane which I set the BorderThickness to 0 for because of the styling (the border in the middle of whitespace looks bad).  However, when the pane is in a floating window (undocked), I would like the border back so you can see the edge over…

  • selecting a contentpane performance issue


    My Application is adding contentPanes to tabGroupPane via tabGroupPane.Items.Add(contentPane);
    Afterwards I select the tan via tabGroupPane.SelectedItem = contentPane;

    These 2 operations take forever to execute.
    tabGroupPane.SelectedItem = contentPane;…

  • How to remove header of XamDockManager:SplitPane?


    I am having trouble removing the default header that is implemented with a SplitPane.

    My goal is to remove the header so I can implement my own styling to it as shown below (Top is my styling applied and bottom is default):

    My code is as follows…

  • XamDockManager tab headers like XamTabControl


      I was wondering if I can get an example of a ContentPane in a xamDockManager with a tab header like tabitem in xamtabcontrol? 


  • Trying to drag a window using a child control

    I am attempting to drag a PaneToolWindow by click-holding on a child control in a menu bar. 

    When I mouse down in the desired location, the window jumps up and to the left, and dragging is not initiated.  Dragging works fine when I click on the outer border…

  • Xam Dock Manager - Docking as TabGroupPane hides the TabPane visibility

    I have a couple of split panes which has one content pane in each. When i try to drag a content pane and dock it as tabbed pane, the hidden pane's tab is not visible until and unless i hover over it. Please help if you have come across a similar situation…

  • WindowsFormsHost issue with infragistics controls


    My application is a WPF window, in which i'm hosting a WPF pane with winform control using WindowsFormsHost. 
    Winform control has infragistics control mainly using ultratree.

    When this pane hosting WIndowsFormsHost is in unpinned state or it is…

  • Determining if ToggleDockedState will toggle

    I want to add a button that will toggle the docked state on a pane from floating to docked, and vice versa.  This button needs to be disabled if the ToggleDockedState can’t toggle the docked state.  An example of this would be a new window that starts…

  • Problem "New Horizontal/Vertical Tab Group" option


    I am facing a small problem with Regions when using Microsoft Prism in WPF. One of the read only views is opened by default but it allows to open new views in same region. As part of testing it was discovered that all new views always disappearing…

  • Editable HeaderName and Handle Close event of Tab in XamDockManager using MVVM

    I am Creating Tabs in XamDockManager dynamically using MVVM and Content / Header Name / Close button of each tab currently coming up correctly on screen.

    But I am facing below issues

    1. Editable Header : How to create editable header name using MVVM

    2. How…

  • XamDockManager / PaneTabItem change the header color of the active tab

    We're working with the XamDockManager, and are changing some of the colors.
    We would like to change the header color of the active / selected tab.
    Using the following we can change the color of all the headers, however this includes the inactive ones…

  • How to rename a Tab in the DockManager?

    I have a DockManager that adds ContentPanes through code. I need to be able to double click the header and edit it. 

    Any help would be appreciated, the other threads similar to my questions do not include solutions.


  • Persist Control Settings For Users Via IsolatedStorageFile vs Properties.Settings


    I need to implement a general mechanism to persist column selections, sorted columns etc. of XamDataGrid, placements of DockManager's panels etc. The application is based on .Net Framework 4.0 and using Microsoft PRISM framework for plug-ins. The…

  • How to hide/disable the close functionality of different panes added within ContentPaneFactory within xamdocmanager

    I have looked into below article , there is a zip code attached within same.

    I want the close button to be disabled or removed

    Also, when we right click on pane header it shows option for…

  • How to prevent unpinned ContentPane from showing initially

    I searched the forum and have the opposite concern that was brought up in a similarly worded subject. My issue is not in keeping the unpinned pane from hiding but rather how to prevent it from showing up in its full width initially. How long the pane…

  • Remove the buttons on the ContentPane

    I want to apply my own image/style to the close button. How can I do it?

    If it is not possible can I put my own button in the Header and give the close action to it?

    I dont want pin button and the drop down on the Content pane header. How can I remove…

  • How to Hide close button and enable Autohide button in XamDocManager

    How can I hide the close button and enable the Autohide button in XamDocManager panes.

    Below is my code

    <idm:XamDockManager x:Name="Dock">

  • CloseButtonVisibility


    We are using Infragistics DockManager v10.1. Inside the dockMgr we have a DocumentContentHost, inside which we have a SplitPane, then a TabGroupPane, and then several ContentPanes. We are setting the AllowClose property of the ContentPane as true…

  • How to prevent new unpinned ContentPane from hiding immediately


    I have a layout with Document Host in the middle of the app and unpinned panes on the side.

    User can add additional panes to the side. They are created from C# code and set to be unpinned by default.

    The problem that I am having is that those…

  • Fake DragDrop for new elements

    I'd like to drag an object of my application and let it just behave like a dragged panel. When dropped I would create a panel based on this object. If this is not possible, would it maybe be possible to create a panel when the dragging starts and just…

  • Dock Manager layout serialization and load


    I am working on an application that has docking capabilities using the XamDockManager. I have a dynamicly created list of items that are presented to the user. The user may select any one of these items to open. When an item is selected to be…

  • Inactive undocked windows' titlebars unreadable


    I have encountered an issue with our Dock Manager when upgrading from infragistics 2016.1 to 2016.2. For our docked windows, if a user is to pull out the docked window to act as a standalone window, its title bar is unreadable (see following image…

  • Again doc manager serialization layout


    I am working on an application that has docking capabilities using the XamDockManager. I have a dynamicly created list of items that are presented to the user. The user may select any one of these items to open. When an item is selected to be…