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  • Get current Sortorder in XamGrid

    I'm using a XamGrid to present Productinfos. The User is able to sort most of the columns as he likes. For Printing, I'm creating a FlowDocument and loop throw the Datasource of the XamGrid to copy the Data into a table. It all works fine and I'm able…

  • XamGrid SummaryRow,Selected Row and Alternative Row style.

    Hi Team,

    I am using Visual Studio 2019 and Infragistic Ultimate WPF version 20.2.16.
    I am creating a simple application where I have two textbox,button and XamGrid on my page. When I press the button the data of two textbox added row in XamGrid.

    I have…

  • XamGrid Selected Row ,alternative row color change

    Hi Team,

    I am using Visual Studio 2019 and Infragistic Ultimate WPF version 20.2.16.

    I am creating a simple application where I have two textbox,button and XamGrid on my page. When I press the button the data of two textbox added row in XamGrid.

    I have…

  • XamGrid GroupColumn Header Text Wrapping


    I have created Grouping header using XamGrid in WPF. The code is like below:-

    <GroupColumn key="grp1" HeaderText="Commitment Amount TS in USD/Local Currency with xy Factor ON>


           <Few TemplateColumns…

  • Adding Vertical and Horizontal ScrollBar to a XamDataGrid

    I have a XamDataGrid whose width and height adjust automatically according to the filled information. However, the XamDataGrid itself is part of a fixed sized grid. In some cases, the last column or row are being cut out. So I need for the XamDataGrid to…

  • XamGrid to XamDataGrid


    recently I am trying to replace some simple XamGrid tables to to XamDataGrid and this seem to get complicated very easily.

    for example:

    with XamGrid I have 2 TemplateColumns bound to different properties of my viewmodel (It is working properly…

  • Smart table generation with (unfixed) min./max. values


    I was wondering if you can give me some advice on how to achieve the following:

    The user is asked (e.g. by 3 textblocks with content "Min. Value", "Max. Value" and "step size") to enter the min./max values and the step size he wishes to be used…

  • Invisible column border in WPF xamGrid

    We have several xamGrids in our application but one (which just has text columns) is missing the border between two of the columns.

    The columns can be moved, hidden, shown and resized OK. In some cases the border reappears, but for the most part it's…

  • XamGrid, TemplateColumn


    I have 2 Columns. When the User enters a number in the first cell of the first row I want the second cell of the first row to get that number and display the result of a formula that is dependent on that number.

    I am using XamGrid and need to stick…

  • App Crash on using XamGrid Cell select

    I am using following Infragistics XamGrid Verison "v11.2.20112.1012"

    Issue: When I try to click a cell the application crashes on Windows Server 2012, however it works perfectly fine in Windows 10.

    Stack Trace:

    Framework Version: v4.0.3031…

  • XamGrid: edited cell content is cleared when switching tabs in TabControl

    Hi there!

    I use XamGrid in my application and ran into the issue with cell editing when switching tabs in TabControl. Here is the markup on which the issue is reproduced:

    <TabControl Grid.Row="0"

  • XamGrid. Horizontal resize. Perfomance issue.

    I have the following layout. When I add at least 30 items to XamGrid there are performance issues with horizontal resizing. If we change something in layout, for example, move label to any other grid cell or change one of the grid definition parameters…

  • Error MC3074: The tag 'XamBusyIndicator' does not exist in XML namespace

    Error MC3074: The tag 'XamBusyIndicator' does not exist in XML namespace ''

    how do we sort this this problem which is coming in Release configuration

  • XamGrid Filter Window Size


    We are using <ig:FilteringSettings AllowFiltering="FilterMenu" /> with a grid control, but when there are a lot of items to filter on, the filter menu extends the size of the screen, doesn;t re-size and has not scroll in the items to filter on.…

  • Custom filter with InOperand in XamGrid

    Hi Team,

    As we saw in the XamDagarid, the control has the In, Not in filter., we wnat to implement the same for the XamGrid control.

    We want to create a custom filter (public class IndOperand<T>: FilterOperand), where we must ovverride the FilteringExpression…

  • XamGrid convert to XamDataGrid

    We are changing a XamGrid to XamDataGrid. Both of these grids use settings for field size, visibility and position.
    We took a look into the xml both generate, the XamDataGrid has an easy to understand settings string, however the XamGrid does…
  • How to make paging and sorting work if I pass only current page in the datasource


    because our queries are returning gigabytes of data we want to return from the database only the data that the current page will display.

    This has as a result the paging and the sorting not working as expected anymore. 

    Could you please indicate…

  • ComboboxColumn binding issue "cannot find governing frameworkelement..."


    I have an issue to bind two custom classes with comboboxColumn.

    My custom classes in viewmodel are below:

    public class Logic{                                    // this is available selections in combobox column

        privae int no

        private string desc;

        public int No { //getter, setter…

  • XamGrid Row Selector Double Click

    Hi there!

    I am using XamGrid in my application and would like to handle double-click on the row selector. I tried to use RowSelectorClicked event but it does not allow to handle double-clicks.

    Is there some kind of native and easy way to handle double…

  • selection does not propagate in a tree (XamGrid)

    I have a tree with 3-levels like this.

    Item A

       ------ Item B

               - item i

               - item j

       ------ Item C

               - item x

               - item y


    when I click item A, all items are selected well.

    and when I click item B, item i, j, and item A are selected.

    But the problem is…

  • XamGrid not showing filter icons

    Dear Infragistics team,

    I noticed a strange behaviour when using Infragistics and Devexpress controls in same project.

    When Devexpress (v16) dlls are added the filter icons of the XamGrid are not visible anymore.

    How it should look like:

    How it looks…

  • Custom Pager and grouping error when sorting


    I have a custom pager which I don't want replicated in the group items pagers.

    It works fine initially but when I sort then the custom pager jumps into  a group item pager.

    Here are the steps to replicate it.

    In the XamGrid -> Style -> PagerCustomization…

  • xamGrid exception thrown when ungroupping and have visible any column with Conditionalformatting


    I've replicated this in the infragistics sample> xamGrid> display>conditional formatting rules by adding

    <ig:GroupBySettings AllowGroupByArea="Top" IsGroupable="True" />

  • Cascading ComboBoxColumns in XamGrid


    I have a XamGrid with 2 ComboBoxColumns.  I set their ItemSource in my c# codebehind.  I need to allow the ComboBoxes in the columns to cascade, meaning when I select a value in ComboBox1 then ComboBox2 is populated based on what was selected in…

  • XamGrid Sorting by unvisible column when clicking a displayed column header


    I'm using XamGrid with several columns.

    When a user click the column A's header, I'd like to sort by the column B which is not visible to user.

    Could you give me any advice?

    Thank you.