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  • XamRibbon and XamRibbonWindow titlebar color and company logo


    We've been looking into using the XamRibbon and XamRibbonWindow and we have a couple of questions on how to do some things with that control.

    Is there an easy way to change the color of the titlebar background?

    Also is there a way to add our companies…

  • Allow alignment of a group of ApplicationMenu2010 items to the bottom of the ApplicationMenu2010

    At present, I can't see a way of aligning individual or a group of ApplicationMenu2010 items to the bottom of the ApplicationMenu2010.  In Microsoft Office (2019 and probably earlier) applications, there's a group of less-frequently used application…

  • Select parts of an xamDataChart to apply some style like excel do using a ribbon

    I'm trying to get the xamDataChart more interactive for the user allowing to select some part of the chart and applying font properties to it.

    - Chart Title

    - axis labels

    - axis titles

    - Legend labels

    - Annotations

    - point labels

    - etc.

    is It posible…

  • XamRibbonWindow ThemeManager and Dependency Injection

    We have recently implemented DI for our WPF app, and in doing so it appears the theming no longer works. Our main form is a XamRibbonWindow, and we are now instantiating it using injection to satisfy its dependencies. Everything works except the theming…

  • Disable GalleryItem in xamRibbon

    Hello to all,

    i do have quite a simple question:

    How can i disable a GalleryItem ?

    I am populating the items dynamically in Code Behind.

    Depending on the Application State, some Selections are not allowed, so i want to disable the related items.


  • Add ItemTemplate support for XamRibbon ComboEditorTool tools.

    Hi Support

    It would be helpful if the ComboEditorTool used by the XamRibbon had more features of the XamComboEditor control. In particular, we would like it to support ItemTemplates so that we can display something other than just text.


  • Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) without Ribbon or hidden Ribbon

    Hi, I just need the Quick Access Toolbar without a Ribbon or a hidden ribbon. Is that possible?

    I am looking for a way to display a toolbar in the caption bar of a window. Or are there other controls which I can use to realize this?

  • Tooltip of ApplicationMenu2010Item will popup when mouse hover on the control in ApplicationMenu2010Item.Content

    I find that  ApplicationMenu2010Item will popup when mouse hover on the control in ApplicationMenu2010Item.Content. In following snapshot, I add a tooltip for 'Info'. When I move the mouse to the content of ApplicationMenu2010Item, it popup the …

  • Closing Office2013 FileMenu is slow

     I use Office2013 for ApplicationMenu2010. But when I close it, I find the file menu is fade out. That make people feel slow. Is there any way to shut down the effection and make the file menu close quickly? Thanks

  • Using material Design Indigo theme in XamRibbon

    Is there a way to use material design theme in my infragistics based WPF application, for controls like Ribbon, Tree and XamTile.

    Looking forward for some help.

  • Increase Fontsize of ContextualTabGroup Caption

    I m not able to increase  Fontsize of ContextualTabGroup  Caption.

    On my Bigger screen the default size is not readable.

  • Increasing the size of Tool button placed on quick access toolbar


    While placing tool button directly on Quick Access Toolbar, it should be possible to increase the image size of tool button.

    The size for the images of the tools in the QAT is 16x16. Even  setting Large image size is not helping.

    I understand re…

  • Increasing the size of Tool button placed on quick access toolbar


    While placing tool button directly on Quick Access Toolbar, I am not able to increase the image size of tool button.

    Even after setting Large image size as-

    <igRibbon:ButtonTool id= "SaveTool"  igRibbon:RibbonGroip.MaximizaSize="ImageAndTextLarge…

  • Chaniging size of Tools Icons

    I m facing problem in changing size of button tools placed inside ribbon tab Item. It is not allowing me to go beyond large Image size which is 32x32. I want to use 50x50 for my large screen.

    Also when i am using Quick access toolbar, these icons are…

  • Customize WPF Menu Tool with a Control Template

    I am looking for a Menu Tool with something like this.

    But here in place of LargeImage I want to add my own svg xaml(controltemplate). Please suggest how i can achieve this.

  • RibbonGroup: Restoring from collapsed state to expanded state inconsistent

    Hi Infragistics,

    When using Collapsed-Variant in a RibbonGroup and the RibbonGroup gets larger, the Ribbgroup will be collapsed (if there is not enough space to show the RibbonGroup content). If the RibbonGroup is collapsed you can view the RibbonGroup…

  • XamRibbon Change ColorThemes Office2013 Style


    I tried to Change the backgroundcolors of the Office2013 Theme for the XamRibbon.

    I Use the XamRibbon in a XamRibbonWindow. I tried to Change the Color with the BrushWasher, whitch work fine for any other themes. 

    but i like to use the flat style…

  • BindingExpression path error with XamRibbon Application Menu 2010


    I am using the XamRibbon with an Application Menu 2010 with the Office 2013 theme. When opening the Backstage, the following error appears in the output:

    System.Windows.Data Error: 40 : BindingExpression path error: 'ChildDesiredWidth' property…

  • How to stop minimizing of XamRibbon.QuickAccessToolbar

    Hi, I am trying my hardest to find out how to prevent the xamribbon.quickaccesstoolbar from minimizing/collapsing to a drop down, can anyonr point me in the right direction on how to stop this?


  • Set XamRibbon.ApplicationAccentColor to a LinearGradientBrush


    I am working with the XamRibbon.ApplicationMenu2010 and need to set the background color (= XamRibbon.ApplicationAccentColor) to a LinearGradientBrush.

    is there a way to achieve this?



  • How to Theme a statusbar as office 2007 black?


       I have a statusbar that is in a usercontrol and I would like to theme it as Office 2007 black, just like how it is in the igRibbon:RibbonWindowContentHost.StatusBar, when the ribbon is themed to Office2k7Black, can anyone help?


  • XamRibbon MDI Merge

    Being able to merge ribbons in a MDI style application.

  • Mask on TextEditorTool

    Is there a way to create a mask on a ribbon TextEditorTool?  Ideally I would like to set a mask depending on the value of a combo box.

  • Add Image at Ribbon Group

    Hey experts, 

    I'm new to WPF. Currently I have task need to do some customization for RibbonGroup.

    May I know is that any way that I can add Image beside the RibbonGroup name like the Orange star in the picture below?

    Please guide me if this is possible…