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  • Cell Style from string

    hi, i'm trying to pass a string in the column using the [cellStyles] property but i get a css error. "SyntaxError: Unexpected token ( in JSON at position 69".

    this is my string: 

    {"background": "linear-gradient(to right, #8ca6db, #b993d6)",…

  • Cell Styling not applied on other columns after change

    I currently have two editable cells in the grid. First one is a dropdown and second is a comment. Depending on the value picked in the dropdown the cell styling for the comment cell changes to show if its required or not. I had this working fine by using…

  • Igx-Hierarchical-Grid - Adding Custom Styles on Cell Edit and Keeping the Styles Applied on Row Expansion

    I am trying to add a Visual Indicator to any cell that is edited but hasn't had the corresponding change saved to our database.  I'm using the onCellEdit event to apply a custom 'edited-border' class that is changing the cell border to a 2px black…

  • metro window & theming

    I am evaluating Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF and was wondering if you have a metro style window similar to DevExpress DXWindow and if you have the equivalent of VS2017 Blue, Light, and Dark built-in themes.  I already seen the XamRibbonWindow which…

  • Upgrade InfragisticsWPF Version from 16.1 to 18.2 - Default Style Change

    We have been looking to upgrade the version of infragistics that we use in our WPF project, but I am unsure of the best way to go about retaining the same style's that we had before the upgrade.

    In our build we use BasedOn to create our own business…

  • Styling XamDataGrid by extending an existing control theme

    Hi, I want to use one of your themes (RoyalDark) in my solution, but I want to do some minor modification to the theme, such as colors.

    I've tried the Resource Washer, but that adds color to way too many elements and does not look good.

    I've tried…

  • XamRibbon Change ColorThemes Office2013 Style


    I tried to Change the backgroundcolors of the Office2013 Theme for the XamRibbon.

    I Use the XamRibbon in a XamRibbonWindow. I tried to Change the Color with the BrushWasher, whitch work fine for any other themes. 

    but i like to use the flat style…

  • xamlDataGrid grouping style with parent record as a group header

    Infragistics sample browser contains an example of xamGrid / Data /Self-Referencing Data where grid shows employee hierarchy grouped/linked by direct reporting person. Is there a way to implement similar functionality in xamDataGrid with the following…

  • Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebListbar.v10.3 and Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWeTab.v10.3 controls are not displaying default styles in IE9.


    I was using Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebListbar.v10.3 and Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWeTab.v10.3  controls in my ASP.NET application. Default styles of List group header and Tab Item not displaying in IE9. But with same piece  of code,  displaying default…

  • Set row height in Wingrid

    How can set the row height in a Wingrid ?  There was a property for this is the VB6 version.

    My app is used by a lot of older people, so I use larger fonts and space out the rows in grids

  • Data Widgets 2.1 SSDBCombo problem

    I am facing the problem of SSDBCombo (Which has multi column), While displaying properties of MS office 2016 word document into this control, It is showing Chinese and Japanese characters instead of MSWORD and MSWORD 2016, Data in combo box showing fine…

  • Dashed rectangle while selection (styling)


    How to style selection dashed rectangle in diagram? It's really difficult to see as it have small thickness.

  • Extracting styling along with text

    I am attempting to grab all of the content out of a xamRichTextEditor (either through xamRichTextEditor.Selection.Range.Text or xamRichTextEditor.Document.GetTextInSpan(<span>), including the styling.  For instance, if I have the following text:

  • Day of the week (Sunday, Monday) not visible on Ultra date time editor after applying theme.

    Hello Infragistics team,

    In my application, i have used 'ultraDateTimeEditor' in a number of modules, and used 'appstylist for windows forms' to apply theme. After applying theme, day of the week is not visible on 'ultraDateTimeEditor', as shown in the…

  • Unable to style xamRadialGauge using themes shipped


    I'm confronting a problem. I was astonished by the themes shipped with Infragistics. I tried to test it with xamRadialGauge and followed the styling walk-through found here:…

  • How to use templates to style the different nodes of the Ignite UI Tree control

     Recently I published a blog about the changes around the template and how to use different template engines to customize the look and style of some of the Ignite UI controls. The Tree control goes under the same rules. If you want the structure of your…

  • Give your project a head start with the Infragistics Template Gallery

    Infragistics Template Gallery header image

    If you have been following the news around our 14.1 release a major focus this cycle was on developer productivity. In the current blog we are going to focus on the new Visual Studio Starter Kit Template Gallery.

    The main idea behind the Infragistics…

  • ASP.NET controls and Bootstrap styling

    ASP.NET application styling

    For quite some time already Infragistics ASP.NET controls have been providing robust and mature CSS styling infrastructure. To look back a bit, it has been almost 7 years (since 2007) that this styling approach was introduced…

  • How do you add a tooltip to a XamGrid's ImageColumn?

    Dear community member.

    My XamGrid contains an ImageColumn that us used to display a set of icons.  Each of these icons has a corresponding state (i.e. an enum value).  Ideally I would like to:

    • display an image in the column
    • display the enum value as…
  • Changing the Style/colors for Maximize button in TileHeader in XAMTileManager control during hover and default


      Am trying to apply styles for TileHeader and also for maximize button within Tile  Header. I use below code for Tilheaders but am not sure how to apply styles for maximize button in tile header

    <Style TargetType="{x:Type igPrim:TileHeaderPresenter…

  • Highlight Stroke line at 0

    Hi everyone, 

    I am creating a scatter series on which my x-axis and y-axis both have range from -5 to 5. I need Major stroke lines visible but need to make more highlight (darker) the line which is at "0" for both axis? Please suggest.

  • Is there a way to open a site's homepage in webpage view by default?


    I was wondering if there is a way to open the home page view by default for a particular site. We are using SharePlus in order to get around the licensing costs of an external facing SharePoint site, but we need to use the webpage view in order…

  • WebDialogWindows Styles not working!?

    Hi *all,

    i've created a WebForms App with VS2012 Template and add a wdw. So far so good, but whatever i do the caption looks terribly.
    With or without Styling i doesn't matter. Is there something special to do?

    <asp:Content runat="server" ID…

  • Changing XamDataTreeNode Style On MouseOver

    I have a XamDataTree that I have been able to successfully style except for one part. I cannot figure out how to apply a certain style to a node for the event that the mouse hovers over it. I have come up with a sort of hack to change the background by…

  • Re: UltraGroupBox + Scrolling

    Just in case someone is still looking for the solution.

    Simon's idea to put the groupbox inside the panel worked brilliantly.

    Just size the group box to be big enough to hold all the inner controls, and the panel will take care of the scroll bars…