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  • Appointment fore color not retain while selecting an appointment in WinSchedule control

    Hi Team,

    We are using WinSchedule control and my functionality has below behavior

    1) Appointment Back color and fore color is based on some property of my appointment object (Its purely dynamic in nature). Whenever any appointment meet certain criteria…

  • Adding Custom Font in Infragistics controls

    How can we add custom font in infragistics controls (Win forms). Also can we add font names in dynamic styling sample?

  • Runnign two different versions of Infragistics controls within the same application

    We have upgraded an application from using the 2008 Win Forms Infragistics controls to using the 2015 Infragistics controls. This application leverages the AppStylist and the style manager for application theming. The 2015 controls are working well. However…

  • App Style Office2013 will freeze and repaint all over the MDI container


     I am using the .isl file as embedded resource and loading it on startup. It works fine for all other themes but office2013 theme looks like the attached screenshot. Also it happens on both 15.1 and 15.2 versions.

    Can someone assist with this issue…

  • Add style to windows form control

    hi is there any way to add style to standard windows form controls like button,combox,textbox? thanks in advanced
  • Load isl file on specific form and not on whole application

    When I am loading the isl file at runtime as shown in the samples, the style is loaded on whole application. Is there a way to apply it only on one form or a few forms.

  • override app styling for editcellappearance


    I'm using an ultragrid that is usingAppStyling. Certain columns of my grid are set to a colored background - column.CellAppearance.BackColor=Color.Yellow;

    When I edit the cell - I lose the background color until I click out of the cell. When…

  • can controls inherit styleset from parent controls


    I would like to make several stylesets for different areas in my applicaton so they will look different from each other.

    For example I want want my buttons, labels, and textboxes to have a light blue background color in one area of my application…

  • Default theme for all forms


    I am working on a windows form application with as many as 300-400 forms and twice as many user controls. I am using infragistic's styling library to theme the forms in the application. I have created stylesets for some forms that require special…

  • Different look for controls for different location of form

    We have a form similar to the image attached. Currently all the controls are with same background colour so theme is being applied with one colour for each control. As you see in the attached images we want to have controls in the top and bottom to be…

  • Form not painting correctly while restoring when appstyling applied


    Recently we started using appstyling and loading isl files to apply the themes. But we are facing a issue related to painting of the form. The form is not painted correctly when we restore it from the minimized state.  I have attached a sample of…

  • Colouring non client area of form using ultratoolbar manager

    Hi I am trying to colour non client area in my form. We have a toolbar manager in which the following is set in the designer

    this.MyToolbar.DesignerFlags = 1;
    this.MyToolbar.DockWithinContainer = this.ultraPanel2.ClientArea;

  • UserControl Scrollbar styling


    We have a custom usercontrol which has been constructed by inheriting the UserControl class. The user control allows scrolling. Now since it is a windows based control so we are unable to style the scrollbars like the ones in the infragistic controls…

  • Modify style of ‘group by column header’ - UltraWinGrid


    I am trying to modify appearance of ‘group by column header within UltraWinGrid v12.2.  I am suing AppStylist but I am having difficulties to find right part of the grid that should be changed 

  • Applying specific styleset to windows controls

    We have a windows application with around 50 forms. We are starting to use styling from infragistics. So we have converted a few controls of 5 forms into infragistics and some controls are still windows controls. We have prepared a style library which…

  • How can I change the color of an mdiTab that already has a style assigned to it?

    I want to make the color of  a tab change on a certain event. The ISL file for the project contains the following:

      <styleSets defaultStyleSet="Default">
        <styleSet name="Default" viewStyle="Standard">…

  • Unknown state for a GridCell


    I'm using an UltraWinGrid in which one the cells has the following style: Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.ColumnStyle.DropDownList.

    I apply the isl file I attached to this post to change the styling (I zipped the file because isl file could…

  • UltraGrid 'Group By' box label cut off.


    I have attached a sample of the issue I am having. Some themes work fine while others always cut off the last letter of the column name inside the group by box. It also does not matter how long the column name is, it always cuts off the last letter…

  • Can Infragistics Appstyling be used to Style regular Micosoft Controls?


              This is a pretty basic question. Is there a way to do this?. or does AppStyling only apply to Infragistics controls?.



  • Styling RDLC file


    In our App we have several forms and reports made with rdlc files. Now if we use Style sheet we are able to change the style of the forms but not rdlc reports.

    Can anyone tell me how to style the reports. I know that there is no direct way to a style…

  • UltraTextEditor Scrollbar Styling

    I would like to apply styling to the scrollbar of an UltraTextEditor control. There does not seem to be any way in the Styling tool to do that.

    Is there a way?