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  • Extracting styling along with text

    I am attempting to grab all of the content out of a xamRichTextEditor (either through xamRichTextEditor.Selection.Range.Text or xamRichTextEditor.Document.GetTextInSpan(<span>), including the styling.  For instance, if I have the following text:

  • EditorButton embedded in UltraFormattedTextEditor embeded in UltraGridCell, text value won't change at runtime

    I'm at my whits end with this one.  I can not get this to work.  I have a WinGrid (v2012.2).  In two columns on each row I have an UltraFormattedTextEitor.  Embedded in the editor is a single EditorButton in the LeftButtons group.  

    I want to be able…

  • UltraWinGrid Data Disappears with Style Change


    I've been trying to get a column in my ultragrid to show a link, and then click to open a separate window. Unfortunately, when I added the UltraFormattedLinkLabel or when I switched the column style from DropDownList to URL and run the program…

  • Persisting Grid State

    Anyone know how I can persist all of my existing application's grid states easily?  I'm trying to use SaveAsXml then load the state at the bottom of my grid's Initialize_layout event.  However, finding a good event to save the state is proving…