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  • XamMonthView - ActivityPresenter Styling Error inside TabControl

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to remove the time from the left side of XamMonthView appointments. The time only displays when the appointment is on a single day.

    I've successfully styled the control by customizing the generic.shared infragistics style, however…

  • XamDayView week mode selecting all times

    For some reason when i go into to weekview page it automaticaly highlights every time on everyday. I am not sure whats causeing this but how would i turn it off?

  • icon while dragging appointment field


    I have multiple calendars of type xamDayView and I wanted to know how I can change the mouse pointer icon while dragging one appointment from one calendar to another!

    I am not certain which property should be editted since there's already a built…

  • Background when outlookbar is minimized

    Any idea on how to set the background of OutlookBar when it is minimized and click 'Navigation Pane'. I don't know which property to set in xaml. Thanks.

    The background of 'Content Here' in the picture.


  • Expand / Collapse Button

    I am trying to trap the click event for the expand/collapse button on the XamOutlookBar....

    Basically what I want to happen is when its clicked, I want to expand it to a default size.

    Trapping the Expanding or Expanded event doesn't solve the issue since…

  • Initial Width

    I have a XamOutlookBar where I want to set the initial width.
    Also I have a splitter, where it would resize the columns and I want the ability
    for the XamOutlookBar to be resized based on the splitter control.

    Basically I have something like:



  • rounded corners?

    Hi, Is there a way of customizing borders for the xamOutlookBar so it has rounded corners?

    I want it to have really rounded corners so it matches the rest of my design. I managed to change the color of it with:






  • Custom data template with data binding for selected header


     I've got a XamWebOutlookBar and I'd like to have the header of the selected group look different from the bottom. In other words, I want the UI element displayed on top of the OutlookBar to look different from the UI element that's displayed under…

  • XamGrid How to make a cell not editable and activate only


    I am having a XamGrid having three columns. First and Second columns are double values and third column is the sum of first two columns.

    Third column is auto calculated and set to IsEnabled = FALSE. Also all the three columns having format set to…

  • ConditionalFormattingCellControl for StyleScope.Row has an issue


    I have looked at many different posts related to the same issue and nobody really resolved it in the way it would help in my situation. To show my problem I have modified SilverlightApplication209 from another post (which was showing how to changed…

  • xamGrid hierarchical data : sorting and style



    I'd like to show hierarchical data ( such as in sample ). I'd also like to sort data.


    1. The problem is that after pressing sort button ( all rows are…

  • Change Text Color in Summary Row only

    I am trying to set the Background and Text color of the Summary row for the grid.

    I am using this Style

    <Style TargetType="ig:CellControl" x:Key="SummaryRowStyle">
    <Setter Property="Background" Value="#FF6693CF"…
  • XamGrid Style

    I have the following Style for my XamGrid.

    The only thing I can't figure out is the last row in the grid does not have a horizontal border on the bottom side, refer to image. Any ideas where I went wrong?



    Here is the code:

    <Style x:Key="GridCellStyle…
  • Sort/Page/Selection Style in App.xaml?

    I'd like to clean up my XAML files, but I can't seem to get the styling right for the XamWebGrid.  How would you apply the SortingSettings, PagingSettings, and SelectionSettings with all of those properties defined in the App.xaml file?  I am getting…

  • Customize datapoints in XamDataChart's Waterfall Series

    My requirement is to display the first and last datapoint in different color, negative values in red and positive values in green. How can I access the first and last datapoints? I did not see and property/object for this as it is in XamWebChart. plz…

  • A Sample Sales Reporting Application Built Using Silverlight

    Many customers are choosing Silverlight for building line of business applications because of the productivity of the platform and the rich interaction it enables. We offer fully-featured products in the Silverlight area, including standard line of business…