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  • Theming your Infragistics WPF Line of Business Applications – Quick and Customizable

    In an earlier post we looked at a quick and easy way to theme your Infragistics WPF Line of Business applications. The approach basically came down to specifying a single color setting, with all Infragistics WPF Line of Business controls being themed…

  • How can I change the color of an mdiTab that already has a style assigned to it?

    I want to make the color of  a tab change on a certain event. The ISL file for the project contains the following:

      <styleSets defaultStyleSet="Default">
        <styleSet name="Default" viewStyle="Standard">…

  • How can i stop items from becoming Active?


    I have a WebDataMenu (EnableAppStyling=true) for which I trigger various actions via OnItemClick.  When an item is clicked, it is selected (becomes active) and is highlighted as such; a feature I do not want.

    I've looked around for a Javascript…