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  • Tooltip into cell when ultragrid column is too small


    First of all, sorry if my title is misleading somebody, I do not manage to find a better title to describe my problem.

    I have to change the style of a tooltip when the column of my grid is not wide enough to display the whole text.

    To be clear…

  • Styling the UltraGrid Excel like


    I was trying to style the UltraGrid's selection of rows, cells and columns like the way MS Excel 2013 does it. Unfortunatly this seems impossible. When activating a cell in the upper left corner and mark other cells by moving the cursor down to the…

  • Cell Edit Text ForeColor is White when grid has UseAppStyling... how to fix it?


    I have a UltraWinGrid that its using AppStyling. Everything works great except that I have a Cell that I want to Enter into edit mode in order to change its text. When I click the cell to enter into edit mode I can see the Text beign highlighted…

  • UltraGrid set cell padding using appsylist


    Is it possible to control cell padding on UltraGrid using appstylist? I am using v12.2 controls. 

    Thank you 

  • Persisting Grid State

    Anyone know how I can persist all of my existing application's grid states easily?  I'm trying to use SaveAsXml then load the state at the bottom of my grid's Initialize_layout event.  However, finding a good event to save the state is proving…

  • UltraGrid 'Group By' box label cut off.


    I have attached a sample of the issue I am having. Some themes work fine while others always cut off the last letter of the column name inside the group by box. It also does not matter how long the column name is, it always cuts off the last letter…