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  • Different Cell Styles based upon row data

    I have a WebDataGrid where I want to have a different css style on a column based upon data in another column.  The idea is that I want to color the text red to highlight it if the value of another column in that row is set.  I can only find ways to set…

  • Setting a ":visited" style for a WebDataGrid cell

    Infragistics45.Web.v14.2, Version=14.2.20142.2480

    Out of the box, the webdatagrid provides a behavior attribute for setting the styling of a selected row or cell (SelectedRowSelectorCssClass="gridCustomSelectedRowStyle").  However, what if you…

  • get cell style

    In old UltraWebGrid, I can read cell style like this:

      var c = igtbl_getCellById(cellId); //get cell

      var backcolor =; ..get back color

    What is the code for new  WebDataGrid (v14.2)?


  • Webdatagrid 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Images' is not a valid virtual path.

    Dear all,

    Iam using webdatagrid, 

    when i try to export the datagrid contents to pdf i got this error

    'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Images' is not a valid virtual path.

    [HttpException (0x80004005): 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Images' is not a valid virtual path…
  • WebDataGrid change header background color


    I want change the header color in a webdatagrid.

    I can change a header caption color but it is the other background (Blue).

    You can see in the pic.






  • Fixed line height on a fixed height WebDataGrid

    I have two webdatagrids.  One grid updates another with the drag and drop functionality.  The number of rows in either grid are subject to change from 0 to 100 or more.  For appearances, I have the grids set to a fixed height and when either load up a scrollbar…

  • WebDataGrid Filter Row is Cut Off

    I have a webdatagrid with filtering but the filter row is being cut off by the table below it. I've made the datagrid taller and wider but the filter row is still being cut in half (you can only see the top half of the filter icon and the filter text…

  • WebDataGrid Style not applied at all - simple project

    I added a webdatagrid to a .NET 3.5 Web Application.  Set the StyleSetName=RedPlanet, then added code in the codebehind page_load to create a datatable, add three columns and three rows.  Then set datasource = datatable, and call Databind().

    When I ran…

  • Images not showing up for DataGrid

    I have deployed a page to our server and the images are not showing up on the WebDataGrid unless I upload the ig_res folder to the web server.  I have copied the files to the server and created a virtual directory that points to ig_common.   The missing…