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  • Right Align Menus?

    By default, if you change the width of the menu (say 100%), the menu items are left aligned to the control.  Is there an easy way to make them right-aligned?  I have a menu segment that I want on the right side of my application and I want the menu items…

  • How can i stop items from becoming Active?


    I have a WebDataMenu (EnableAppStyling=true) for which I trigger various actions via OnItemClick.  When an item is clicked, it is selected (becomes active) and is highlighted as such; a feature I do not want.

    I've looked around for a Javascript…

  • Re: Trouble getting a transparent TopMenu!


    Currently you can redefine one of the control's main CSS Classes to achieve your goal.
    For example you can redefine igdm_ControlHorizontal, of your menu is Horizontally oriented:


    <style type="text/css">

  • Re: Problems with the Links in the Webdatamenu

    Hello Martin,

    You can just define ItemTemplate once for the menu (it is property of the WebDataMenu), and it will be applied to all items. You can use the sample I provided to avoid multiple template definitions for every item. And to keep styling you…

  • Item Images Resize

    I'm trying to use images in the WebDataMenu that are larger (64x64) than I see in the samples (around 32x32).  Does anyone know how to scale the images in the WebMenuBar using CSS or some other property?  My item list is bound to an XMLDataSource, and…