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  • Upgrade InfragisticsWPF Version from 16.1 to 18.2 - Default Style Change

    We have been looking to upgrade the version of infragistics that we use in our WPF project, but I am unsure of the best way to go about retaining the same style's that we had before the upgrade.

    In our build we use BasedOn to create our own business…

  • Styling XamDataGrid by extending an existing control theme

    Hi, I want to use one of your themes (RoyalDark) in my solution, but I want to do some minor modification to the theme, such as colors.

    I've tried the Resource Washer, but that adds color to way too many elements and does not look good.

    I've tried…

  • xamlDataGrid grouping style with parent record as a group header

    Infragistics sample browser contains an example of xamGrid / Data /Self-Referencing Data where grid shows employee hierarchy grouped/linked by direct reporting person. Is there a way to implement similar functionality in xamDataGrid with the following…

  • Restyle Checkbox and Combobox cell

    How can I restyle my mvvm databound checkbox and combobox XamDataGrid cells with 'flat style' without using theme?  I'm using InfragisticsWPF4.v15.1.


  • XamDataGrid Error Template


    I am using the Metro theme provided at this location. I cannot override the Error template of the XamDataGrid (grid as a whole and not of a row or cell). To make it clear here is the situation I use it for. I have a list of persons that is bound…

  • DataTrigger & Converter sometimes work accurately but sometime not


    I am setting background and foreground color on basis of content using DataRecordCellArea style.

    i tried it using DataTrgiggers & as well as using converter ( custom value converter ) but it some time work fine, some time not.

    for your information…

  • Expanded Area in GroupByRecord


    How can I retemplate ExpandArea in GroupBy Record? I wato to add space between GroupBy records when they are expanded. I already set top space (space 1) by Resizing Top Border in GroupByRecordPresenter but have problem with bottom space ( space…

  • FilterOperandUIType == ExcelStyle Styling


    so in the new version (15.2) threre's finnaly an option to get Excel style filtering with filter row by setting FilterOperandUIType to ExcelStyle. The question noew is: how do I style it? With FilterUIType set to LabelIcons I can override the style…

  • Style group record in xamDataGrid


    How can I modify the style of the group-by record in xamDataGrid programmatically?

    I want the end user to be able to change the background color of the record at runtime, and I want to make the text center in the record


  • Changing background of disabled cell in XamDataGrid


    I'm disabling CellValuePresenter for certain cells for which I don't want user to edit the data. Now the problem is that, Row Hover wont highlight the cell properly as it is greyed out.

    I've tried to set the background of Main Border in…

  • How to style XamGrid selected/active row ?


    I styled the cells of a XamGrid to display a gradient background without any border lines using this XAML code:

    <Style x:Key="GridCellStyle" TargetType="ig:CellControl">
      <Setter Property="Background" Value="{StaticResource…

  • Set a Field's XamComboEditor ItemsProvider based on another Field's selected item

    I've got a XamDataGrid where one column (Column A) uses a XamComboEditor with a set number of choices, and an adjacent column (Column B) also using a XamComboEditor, should use a particular set of choices based on the selection in Column A.

    I'm open…

  • Metro Dark theme for xamDataGrid and Formula editor


    I am using XamDataGrid 13.1.  And essentially the formal editors too inside it.

    I want to make it metro dark themed. I came across this link. But it is for 12.1. While trying to use the resource file provided at the link I realized a few controls…

  • XDG Scrollbar Tooltip Style


    I have a XDG that is styled to have a dark/black background, and text that is lightly colored (white/cyan). I've been able to re-style the tool-tip for the data items on mouse-over just fine at my view's level with a style override, but it does not…

  • Checkbox in Recordselector


    I'm trying to implement a "select all" functionality with checkboxes on the Header and record selector based on the example in the wpf sample browser. All seems well except the style for record selector removes the filter icon which removes…

  • Assigning FieldSettings' properties from ResourceDictionary

    Hello and happy new year from Italy :)

    I defined a common style for all the grid controls (XamDataGrid) that are used in my application.
    I would like to add this style a new "feature": all columns headers must be centered.

    This is actually…

  • Grid row shows wrong values, scroll the row off the screen and back and it's correct

    We are tracking an issue that our clients are complaining about.  Sometimes a row in the grid shows data from another row.  Sometimes just clicking on the row will refresh the data and display the correct data.  Other times you need to scroll the row out…

  • Centre justified cells have inconsistent vertical gridlines


    I'm new to the xamDataGrid, so I might have missed something here.  I'm using Infragistics for WPF 2011.1.

    My application uses the Office2010Blue theme by default.  For grids, this theme does not have vertical gridlines between the cells…

  • Changing the default ErrorIcon in XamDataGrid?

    Is there a way that I can change the default error icon in my XamDataGrid?

    My users would like an exclamation point instead of the new asterisk when a record has an error.  Everything works as-is.  Its just that my users think the new icon is confusing…

  • How to style the Excel style FilterUI?

    Is there a way to style the cells of the Excel style FilterUI?  They appear too close together and use the default system highlighting.

  • xamGrid hierarchical data : sorting and style



    I'd like to show hierarchical data ( such as in sample ). I'd also like to sort data.


    1. The problem is that after pressing sort button ( all rows are…

  • Theming Multiple Infragistics WPF Controls At Runtime

    All too often you’d like to give your users a way to theme your applications at runtime. Theming entire screens containing multiple Infragistics NetAdvantage WPF LIne of Business controls is easy to implement and could be a valuable addition to…

  • Theming your Infragistics WPF Line of Business Applications – Quick and Customizable

    In an earlier post we looked at a quick and easy way to theme your Infragistics WPF Line of Business applications. The approach basically came down to specifying a single color setting, with all Infragistics WPF Line of Business controls being themed…