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  • Day of the week (Sunday, Monday) not visible on Ultra date time editor after applying theme.

    Hello Infragistics team,

    In my application, i have used 'ultraDateTimeEditor' in a number of modules, and used 'appstylist for windows forms' to apply theme. After applying theme, day of the week is not visible on 'ultraDateTimeEditor', as shown in the…

  • Unable to style xamRadialGauge using themes shipped


    I'm confronting a problem. I was astonished by the themes shipped with Infragistics. I tried to test it with xamRadialGauge and followed the styling walk-through found here:…

  • App Style Office2013 will freeze and repaint all over the MDI container


     I am using the .isl file as embedded resource and loading it on startup. It works fine for all other themes but office2013 theme looks like the attached screenshot. Also it happens on both 15.1 and 15.2 versions.

    Can someone assist with this issue…

  • Applying specific styleset to windows controls

    We have a windows application with around 50 forms. We are starting to use styling from infragistics. So we have converted a few controls of 5 forms into infragistics and some controls are still windows controls. We have prepared a style library which…

  • Adding Custom Font in Infragistics controls

    How can we add custom font in infragistics controls (Win forms). Also can we add font names in dynamic styling sample?

  • CSS Link


    I am wondering if you could help me. I am using WebhtmlEditor with Standard style.

    If I a add a link i.e.

    <link href="css/modern_leomice_build.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />        

    <link href="css/modern…

  • Metro Dark theme for xamDataGrid and Formula editor


    I am using XamDataGrid 13.1.  And essentially the formal editors too inside it.

    I want to make it metro dark themed. I came across this link. But it is for 12.1. While trying to use the resource file provided at the link I realized a few controls…

  • Centre justified cells have inconsistent vertical gridlines


    I'm new to the xamDataGrid, so I might have missed something here.  I'm using Infragistics for WPF 2011.1.

    My application uses the Office2010Blue theme by default.  For grids, this theme does not have vertical gridlines between the cells…

  • A Sample Sales Reporting Application Built Using Silverlight

    Many customers are choosing Silverlight for building line of business applications because of the productivity of the platform and the rich interaction it enables. We offer fully-featured products in the Silverlight area, including standard line of business…

  • Theming Multiple Infragistics WPF Controls At Runtime

    All too often you’d like to give your users a way to theme your applications at runtime. Theming entire screens containing multiple Infragistics NetAdvantage WPF LIne of Business controls is easy to implement and could be a valuable addition to…

  • Theming your Infragistics WPF Line of Business Applications – Quick and Customizable

    In an earlier post we looked at a quick and easy way to theme your Infragistics WPF Line of Business applications. The approach basically came down to specifying a single color setting, with all Infragistics WPF Line of Business controls being themed…