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  • Re: UltraWebToolBar & Tool Bar Separator - After migrating to 8.2

    Set the Image property on the TBSeparator instances to an image of what you want the separator to look like.  To exactly replicate its previous look, you might want to cut this image out of a screen capture taken of the WebToolbar in your 5.1 application…

  • Re: What's happened to the button spacing in Volume 3!?

    Hello ASanders,

    In general every volume release contains all fixes that has been released as a hot-fix for the ancestors. So you may consider 2009 vol. 1 contains all fixes that has been released as hot-fix for 2008 vol. 3.

    Once again, would you describe…

  • layout moved in IE8 compared to IE7


    I am using an ultra web toolbar and with IE7, the layout was correct, i.e buttons was left aligned. Now, using IE8, the buttons was not aligned any more: in the picture below, you could see the layout I have with IE8 from the first toolbar, and…