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  • rounded corners?

    Hi, Is there a way of customizing borders for the xamOutlookBar so it has rounded corners?

    I want it to have really rounded corners so it matches the rest of my design. I managed to change the color of it with:






  • Expand / Collapse Button

    I am trying to trap the click event for the expand/collapse button on the XamOutlookBar....

    Basically what I want to happen is when its clicked, I want to expand it to a default size.

    Trapping the Expanding or Expanded event doesn't solve the issue since…

  • Initial Width

    I have a XamOutlookBar where I want to set the initial width.
    Also I have a splitter, where it would resize the columns and I want the ability
    for the XamOutlookBar to be resized based on the splitter control.

    Basically I have something like: