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  • Changing xamDateTimeEditor style/template


    I have a problem styling the XamDateTimeEditor. I am using the 10.1 version of infragistics controls. When I specify the DropDownButtonStyle or Template or EditTemplate properties of the XamDateTimeEditor within my style, it always crashes my…

  • CSS Link


    I am wondering if you could help me. I am using WebhtmlEditor with Standard style.

    If I a add a link i.e.

    <link href="css/modern_leomice_build.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />        

    <link href="css/modern…

  • Blurry form icon after adding UltraFormManager


    Please see screen capture below, after adding UltraFormManager to form icon looks a bit blurry. I have spent a few hours trying to find setting responsible for it, but had no luck. Could someone point me in the right direction? I am using Office2010Silver…

  • EditorButton embedded in UltraFormattedTextEditor embeded in UltraGridCell, text value won't change at runtime

    I'm at my whits end with this one.  I can not get this to work.  I have a WinGrid (v2012.2).  In two columns on each row I have an UltraFormattedTextEitor.  Embedded in the editor is a single EditorButton in the LeftButtons group.  

    I want to be able…

  • Form with UltraToolbarsManager doesn’t inherit style – office 2010 silver.

    I am using AppStylist for WinForms. I have one parent Form and two child forms.

    I am loading a style using Infragistics.Win.AppStyling.StyleManager.Load on the parent form.


    First child is using UltraFromManager - everything looks nice, style is matching…

  • TabItemEx Styling question


    We have tab control with multiple tabitems, we allow users to customize the theme and have that set at runtime. However when we create our own styles for tabitems we want to them to based on the same theme as what the user has chosen.

    On the…

  • WPF Org Chart

    I need some advice on how to layout an org chart.  I would like nodes without children to be grouped together in a wrap panel.

    Just using staggering might be an option, but it is horrible on performance.  Orthogonal layout works much better on large data…

  • Client Side Sorting and Column Moving


    I currently am using the UltraWebGrid v11.1 in a large scale application.  We recently tried to enable the client side sorting, and column moving and resizing.  We also enable the fixed header functionality which can only be done on the server.  The…

  • UltraWinGrid Data Disappears with Style Change


    I've been trying to get a column in my ultragrid to show a link, and then click to open a separate window. Unfortunately, when I added the UltraFormattedLinkLabel or when I switched the column style from DropDownList to URL and run the program…

  • Indicator or animation when changing pane position


    How can I create an indicator or animation when changing the pane's location eg. the first pane gets moved to the last position?

  • Templating or Styling the PaneHeaderPrester when the ContentPane is held within a TabGroupPane


    I'm trying the get the PaneHeaderPresenter to Collapse when the ContentPane is being held within a TabGroupPane, but haven't had any luck no matter how or where I target my templates or styles.

    If anyone can point me in the right…

  • Styling Metro DockPanes

    Hi we're using the Metro Theme for our docking manager because we like the flat look to it, however the pane separators and title areas are huge and we would like to shrink those down to something more standard for a desktop application.  I've look around…

  • Styling ExpansionColumnHeader in childgrid

    I would like to have a different header style on "child" grids in the webhierarchicaldatagrid.

    I have managed to change the style of all the regular columns, but have problems with the expansion column header.

    How may I set the ExpansionColumnHeader…

  • Using ExcelStyleFilter on a TemplateDateField

    I need to use the excel style filter on a template data field.  I can see the drop down on the other columns, but I get a behaviour null on the template data field column.  Why and how can I fix this?  Also, the style is not loading.  My drop down it too…

  • ExcelStyleFilter css not working

    I have been trying to change the css for the filter and I can't get the style to work.  Her is an image of my dropdown...

  • Re: ExcelStyleFilter css not working

    I finally got the excel style filter working.  I still can't change the css.  I am looking for the css in your samples.  Where the buttons are grey.  How do I switch the style?

  • Migrate RowTemplateStyle

    Hello! I am migrating from UltraWebGrid to WebHierarchicalDataGrid, and I came across the "RowTemplateStyle" property and I can't seem to find its correspondance in the 13.2 WebHierarchicalDataGrid.


  • Persisting Grid State

    Anyone know how I can persist all of my existing application's grid states easily?  I'm trying to use SaveAsXml then load the state at the bottom of my grid's Initialize_layout event.  However, finding a good event to save the state is proving…

  • Cell Edit Text ForeColor is White when grid has UseAppStyling... how to fix it?


    I have a UltraWinGrid that its using AppStyling. Everything works great except that I have a Cell that I want to Enter into edit mode in order to change its text. When I click the cell to enter into edit mode I can see the Text beign highlighted…

  • Tooltip into cell when ultragrid column is too small


    First of all, sorry if my title is misleading somebody, I do not manage to find a better title to describe my problem.

    I have to change the style of a tooltip when the column of my grid is not wide enough to display the whole text.

    To be clear…

  • Styling the UltraGrid Excel like


    I was trying to style the UltraGrid's selection of rows, cells and columns like the way MS Excel 2013 does it. Unfortunatly this seems impossible. When activating a cell in the upper left corner and mark other cells by moving the cursor down to the…

  • Re: Override AppStylist ActiveRow Settings

    I have a similar problem. Have a styles *.isl file and I need to change the colors of the editable cells in a grid. But I cannot do it because of a styles that are defined in *.isl file. And I don't want to turn off these styles because it will destroy…

  • UltraGrid set cell padding using appsylist


    Is it possible to control cell padding on UltraGrid using appstylist? I am using v12.2 controls. 

    Thank you 

  • Expanded Area in GroupByRecord


    How can I retemplate ExpandArea in GroupBy Record? I wato to add space between GroupBy records when they are expanded. I already set top space (space 1) by Resizing Top Border in GroupByRecordPresenter but have problem with bottom space ( space…

  • Grid row shows wrong values, scroll the row off the screen and back and it's correct

    We are tracking an issue that our clients are complaining about.  Sometimes a row in the grid shows data from another row.  Sometimes just clicking on the row will refresh the data and display the correct data.  Other times you need to scroll the row out…