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  • Weighted Average in xampivotgrid using flatdatasource


    I've got a XamPivotGrid with a FlatDataSource working and I haven't been able to get the custom/ calculated measures working.

    I need to achieve a weighted sum where the values and the weights are two measures present on the pivot table.


  • Exception after editing a cell on XamPivotGrid

    I have a XamPivotGrid, which I've made editable.

    When editing a value in the last column, I get an exception with the following stack trace. I haven't been able to trace it back to any of my code, although I'm not ruling out the possibility that I…

  • Add localization resources to XamPivotGrid

    The customer confirmed with Infragistics technical support that localization resources have not been provided to XamPivotGrid.

    He wants to use either one of way to localize.…

  • XamPivotGrid Custom tooltip cell


    I try to display a custom Tooltip on cell... i have to fully customize the UI of my tooltip to display a custom details

    I' try this but doesn't work:

    <local:TooltipVisibilityConverter x:Key="visibilityConverter"/>

  • How to bind a columnHeader of XamPivot to multiple property


    I try to use the XamPivot to display Data...

    I want  to know how i can customize  the columnHeader to bind more than property ..

    A want to display another information with A-136...  in this column

    the  XAML way please.


  • XamPivotGrid Sort Measures


    I have a XamPivotGrid that displays a OlapFlatDataSource.

                    ConnectionSettings="{StaticResource OlapFlatDataConnectionSettings…

  • update the datasource of xamPivotGrid in another thread or task


    I try to set the datasource of the xamPivotGrid in another thread to invoid the UI blocking when loading data.

    I tried this and doesn't work. can you help me to resolve this.

    public partial class MainWindow : Window

    public OrderLineFlatDataSource…

  • same customization for xamdatagrid and xampivotgrid

    Hello to all. can I use the same customization for xamdatagrid and xampivotgrid? I want to load the same filters with the same flags set / not set on both.

  • connect to a table in db oracle xmladatasource

    hi how can i get the data of a table in a db oracle ? i tried with the xmladatasource but it doesn't work.

    this is the code :

     XmlaDataSource DataSource = new XmlaDataSource();
                DataSource.ServerUri = new Uri("ip of the db");

  • pivotgrid with flatdatasource and excel style filtering

    hello everyone I would like to use with the flatdatasource filters used in the example "Excel Style filtering", I can not use the xmladatasource. can you tell me how to do it? I tried creating a class and implementing FlatDataSource, IPivotDataSlicerProvider…

  • insert filters in the pivotgrid by code

    Hi everyone, a question. when I go to update the data contained in the pivotgrid, it automatically removes all the filters that were present. is there a command to set filters, rows and columns from code? so once it has updated the data, it automatically…

  • xampivotgrid can't edit cell

    Hello to all. I'm using a xampivotgrid with wpf, but after loading the data I can not edit them. in xaml I have AllowCellEdit = "True" but I do not make them change anyway. why ? thank you

  • How do I clear the filters for a XamPivotGrid programmatically?

    We're using a XamPivotGrid in our application. Users are able to to add value filters from the UI. In some cases we want to programmatically clear any filters that the user has selected so that all of the data in the data source is displayed again. How…

  • Select / Activate XamPivotGrid cell from code-behind after loading.

    I'm looking to Select / Activate a cell in an Ultimate UI for WPF XamPivotGrid v.16.2 from code-behind just like you could if you clicked on a cell using a mouse.  I’m loading the pivot grid using a FlatDataSource and want to set the first data cell…

  • Bad performance of "LoadCustomizations"

    When saveing / loading large views in XamPivotGrid, loading takes very, very long since it has to expand every member one by one. Even disconnecting the datasource from the control (setting grid's datasource to null) doesn't speed up the process. We…

  • Change Hierarchy Descriptor on runtime

    It is possible to set new Level Descriptors on Runtime? The code below do not work. I dont know the reason why the pivot grid do not refresh the hierarchy

            private void ChangePeriodType(BusinessObjects.Constant.BudgetPeriodType type)
  • Pivot Grid Style


    I am styling the Pivot grid, and finding inspiration in the sample browser. Most of it seems to be wokring, but I have one problem. 

    See atcched screenshot. 

    I want to hide all columns marked with a green box, but I have a problem with the "Seller…

  • Define measures dynamically. Clarification needed around SourcePropertyName

    Dear support team,

    I am investigating the ability to have measure metadata loaded dynamically. My approach is to have a list of measures containing the property names. Based on that I would add new DimensionMetadata with SourcePropertyName set to the…

  • Hide all total columns, rows and cells


    I dont want any of the total columns to be shown on my XamPivotGrid (using FlatDataSource). How do I control visibility of those?

    Ive tried TotalRowStyle & TotalColumnStyle, which could hide the cells, but not he columns. 

    Any advice?

  • Expand/Collapse All Childs


    Our customers which use our application, which is using the xamPivotGrid control had a interesting request. When they expand a row or column, and they holding a modifier like "Control", they want to expand also all children of the clicked (header…

  • Infragistics WPF coded UI extension help needed


    We have a WPF app using infragistics xampivotgrid. We are trying to do coded UI automation on them but we are running in to issues:

    1) We are not able to identify the cells within the xampivotgrid. When going thru stackoverflow some posts mentioned…

  • Headers are not refreshing after XamPivotGrid.DataSource.RefreshGrid()


      I have a XamPivotGrid, and when I update the grid, insteand of setting a new collection of ItemsSource of the FlatDataSource, I interates every item of the ItemsSource collection of FlatDataSource and then manually update the values. And then…

  • Problem with xamPivotGrid samples


    Since some time i cannot open some of the xamPivotGrid samples anymore. When i click on xamPivotGrid > Display > FlatData Aggregators, the sample browser shows a message, saying: "There is an unexpected problem with the application. Please contact…

  • xamPivotGrid with relational database


    Is it possible to connect to relational databases with the xamPivotGrid? Or is it only possible to connect with olap databases?


    Geert De Vylder


  • custom PivotCell style using a BasedOn


    I'd like to create a custom style for the PivotCellControl style.  We are using the Infragistics themes, so when we override the style we need to supply a BasedOn such as to not lose the infragistics elements.  Typically, eg. for a XamNumericEditor…