Data Visualization & IoT

When it comes to finding insights in your data, well-designed visualizations accessible on any device will help you uncover hidden patterns, issues, and trends.

Big data. The Internet of Things. Call it what you want, but massive amounts of data are being generated every day. The key to business growth and innovation lies in determining what information is meaningful and how to best display it so it can be acted upon.

When you empower your users to quickly and effectively take actions based on what the data means, you'll deliver a competitive advantage, enjoy a higher ROI, and improved productivity. Our strong history in data visualization, coupled with our inherent knowledge of our controls and cutting edge BI tools like ReportPlus, gives you an advantage in presenting your data in a bold, impactful, and significant way.

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See Our Work in Action

When you add award-winning UI toolsets to decades of combined UX, design, and development expertise, you get impressive results. Here's a closer look at just a few of our successful data visualization projects:

PM Dashboard

A Project Manager works with the team at Infragistics to create an application that allows him to stay on task and keep his projects within budget, in the office or on the go.

Sales Tracking Dashboard

The team at Infragistics changes the way global sales data is analyzed by creating a cross-platform solution that tracks, compares, and forecasts using real-time data.

"We truly benefitted from the project and look forward to working with Infragistics again in the future."

Infragistics Services Client, IMM

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