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Tackle both new platforms and powerful controls by learning from the people that develop applications across industries. We have the expertise in Infragistics controls in every platform, and can bring your team up to speed so they can fast forward through their projects.

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Want to know what it takes to design experiences that propel your product to the next level? Ready to learn and apply best practices in UX design? Let our UX experts show you how - we do it every day. Contact Us to learn more and schedule your training!

Infragistics for Windows Forms
This course covers Intermediate and Advanced concepts for developing Windows Forms applications using NetAdvantage, including the advanced Presentation Layer Framework (PLF) concepts in the Windows Forms controls.

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Infragistics for Windows Forms & ASP.NET
This course is a bundle of the 2 individual courses – Developing Applications with NetAdvantage ASP.NET AJAX and Developing Applications with NetAdvantage for Windows Forms.

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Infragistics for ASP.NET
This course covers Intermediate and Advanced concepts for developing ASP.NET applications using the NetAdvantage for .NET ASP.NET toolset.

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Infragistics for WPF
This course covers Intermediate and Advanced concepts for developing WPF applications using NetAdvantage WPF controls, including data presenters, ribbons, carousels, editors and more.

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WPF Boot Camp
This course covers WPF fundamentals and provides an introduction into controls, data binding, graphics, text, styling, interop and performance.

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"Some of the things that I liked about working with Infragistics were not just how flexible they were, but also how willing they were to work alongside our developers here on site."

, Health Infomatics Analyst for STARtracks

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