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The Developing Applications with Infragistics ASP.NET Controls training course is intended for developers who are evaluating or implementing applications using Infragistics for ASP.NET.


Introduction to Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET ASP.NET ToolsetThis module provides students with an introduction to Infragistics NetAdvantage for ASP.NET. The module covers basics such as installation, where to get help, and how to upgrade your project from one version to the next. Furthermore, it covers the controls included in the toolset and their general functions.

Design Principles This module covers the design principles behind the Infragistics AJAX based Aikido framework, how the controls based on the framework are styled, and the client-side object model associated with them.

Navigation and Layout Controls This module covers the usage and functionality of the primary Infragistics ASP.NET navigation and layout controls including the WebDataMenu, WebExplorerBar, WebDataTree, and WebTab controls.

Editor Controls This module covers the usage and functionality of the Infragistics ASP.NET editor controls as well as the WebDatePicker controls. Popular settings and usage techniques are covered as well as the class hierarchy and common functionality between the controls.

WebHierarchicalDataSource This module covers the specifics of the Infragistics WebHierarchicalDataSource control including functionality it can provide and how to configure things such as hierarchical data views and data relations. Create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations are covered as well.

Grid Controls This module covers the usage and functionality of the WebDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataGrid controls, as well as the WebDocumentExporter and WebExcelExporter controls used to export their data. Behaviors of the grid controls such as editing, sorting, filtering, paging, and row summaries are all presented in detail. This module concludes with a look at the exporter controls, and how to use them to export data from both the WebDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataGrid.

User Interface Enhancement Controls This module covers some of the Infragistics controls that can be used to provide added value to your user interfaces. Controls covered in this module include the WebDialogWindow, WebDropDown, and WebSpellChecker. The information on the WebDropDown control includes configuration of cascading drop downs.

Scheduling Controls This module goes into detail on the visual and non-visual components of the Infragistics WebSchedule suite of controls. Controls covered include WebScheduleInfo, WebSchedule Data Providers, WebDayView, WebCalendarView, and WebMonthView. The activities in this module walk the participant through the simple process of setting up a basic scheduling application using the pre-built databases provided in the NetAdvantage for .NET ASP.NET toolset.

Charting This module provides students with an overview of charting concepts and the NetAdvantage charting package. The module will demonstrate using the charting wizard, and provide insight into customizing WebChart™ for an effective and stunning business presentation.

Using Application Styling This module covers the benefits of using Application Styling and the AppStylist for ASP.NET application to style entire web sites and web applications with ease. Applying global style sets to a project is covered, along with applying different style sets to individual controls, and changing the style set used by your web project at runtime.


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