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We designed for the WPF platform from the start with an uncompromising attitude toward leveraging its cinematic graphics, rich styling, animation capabilities, and integrated UI virtualization. Embracing templates and exposing numerous styling points, it gives you complete control over our controls’ appearance in your application. A logical, friendly object model makes it easy to take advantage of the WPF platform’s potential, whether you choose to do so through declarative UI (XAML) or in code. This Developing Applications with Infragistics WPF Controls training course shows you in depth how to effectively unleash the power of our WPF controls.


Overview of NetAdvantage for WPF ControlsThis course introduces the NetAdvantage for WPF controls, shows how to install them and explains their use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Expression Blend.

Design Principles NetAdvantage for WPF controls can be used to present a compelling interface and to design a data-driven presentation. Organizing a project into the different parts of architectural design, data model, and visual approach, lets you benefit from planning and the use of specific design patterns. This module offers some suggestions and looks at how the NetAdvantage controls support good design principles.

Presenting the xamRibbon Microsoft has made the Office® 2007 interface open for developer adoption. The xamRibbon framework implements the functionality of this user interface completely. This module focuses on the various features of the xamRibbon, including setting up a xamWindow™ with its many menus, toolbars, status bar and navigational features.

Presenting the xamDockManager Microsoft left out the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) from its implementation of WPF. It provided a DockPanel layout, but left the tasks of creating the familiar dock interface with user-expandable panes, tabbed panes, auto-hiding panes, and converting panes into floating windows to someone else. This module shows you how xamDockManager enables you to create these types of interfaces quick and easy.

Bringing Charts to Life with xamChart Learn how to use xamChart with its vast set of features such as 2D and 3D graphics which can depict numerous different chart types, transformations, data binding and animated storyboards.

Thinking Outside of the Box with the Carousel Breaking out of the mold of rectangular interfaces, the carousel brings appeal and value to your applications. Learn how to utilize a carousel to present data in a variety of ways.

Letting the Data Presenter Family Organize your Data Infragistics provides multiple ways to present data to your users. The xamDataGrid adds the functionality of sorting, grouping, and presenting a clearly organized view of data. The carousel allows for a more playful feel in presenting complex data. This module presents the xamDataPresenter which is the engine at the heart of these controls.

Using the xamEditors The xamEditors are a set of WPF editor controls which come with additional functionality over and above what you receive from the standard WPF controls. These controls can validate data, provide interactive data formatting, can be customized, and can be used as standalone edit fields or integrated into other NetAdvantage controls like the xamDataGrid. This module covers how to use these editors.

Bringing It All Together This module brings various samples together to demonstrate some of the things you can do with NetAdvantage as well as encourage you to always follow solid design principles.


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