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In this course, we share our expertise not only with Infragistics products, but with the emerging methodologies and technologies relevant for the next decade. Our Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Boot Camp UI Training course on WPF gives you the latest skills and techniques relevant to your organization.


Overview of WPFThis module introduces WPF, XAML and an overview of authoring tools.

Fundamentals of a WPF Solution Until WPF, Windows developers have been tweaking pixels from UI screenshots using inflexible layout schemes. Windows Presentation Foundation provides diverse functionality for laying out a view. This module introduces the WPF layout system that supports a flexible, extensible model optimized for content and that works well with data, styling and controls.

User Interaction with Controls WPF provides powerful controls engineered with a level of flexibility never before seen on the Windows interface landscape. Understanding them will help in the development of usable and intuitive interfaces.

Graphics This module covers the multimedia and graphic capabilities of Silverlight including shapes, brushes, transforms, and deep zoom functionality.

A Deeper Look into Text WPF comes with extensive text capability. Taking a more HTML-like model for displaying text, WPF provides a rich document structure for displaying, printing and navigating text. A few moments of study will show how to use these services in simple dialogs and in full-featured text editors.

An Overview of Graphics This module touches upon various WPF graphics features which will add professional, high-quality value to your applications.

WPF Data Binding 101 This module focuses on making your data work in WPF, quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Topics – Styling, Interop and Performances In this module, we cover several of the more popular and most advanced features in Windows Presentation Foundation.


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"We have been researching professional UX training providers worldwide for several months and decided to go with Infragistics. The 2-day UX training we got onsite proved to be what we had hoped for."

Mohammad Parham Al Awadhi, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Emirates NBD

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