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Quickly and cost-effectively transform your business data into a competitive advantage with the embedded BI product and services PowerBI, Tableau, and Salesforce don’t want you to find out about.


You need to quickly and cost effectively transform the data generated from your app into a competitive advantage. We keep your team focused on building the best app for your users by providing you with beautiful, embedded data visualizations any business can afford.

We maximize monetization of your investment with a low, flat, entry-level price point for you to reach an unlimited number of users and offer a flat and affordable pricing model. Our pricing includes an upfront full service offering that helps ensure successful deployment. We use a proven methodology to meet your product requirements while driving a faster and more robust implementation of analytical capabilities.

ReportPlus Embedded is built to make it easy for you to maintain and continue to extend analytical capabilities within your app and drive continuous customer value. Choose from a library over twenty different data visualization types to create beautiful data visualizations quickly and without the use of valuable development resources.

Pricing Structure

The Product and Service package is designed to deliver a complete embed solution. We get you started in year one with pricing that includes a complete service engagement and an unlimited number of user licenses within an unlimited number of applications. We then enable you to continue to reach customers in year’s two and three with simple pricing structure that continues to be predictable and affordable

3 Year

Package Offer


  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Complete Services offering^
  • Product Support
    (up to 5 named developers)

Year 1

Unlimited licenses

included in year 1

Year 2

0 - 100 included
101 - 500 $7,500
501 - 1,000 $15,000
1,001 - 5,000 $40,000
5,000 + $90,000

Year 3

0 - 100 included
101 - 500 $7,500
501 - 1,000 $15,000
1,001 - 5,000 $40,000
5,000 + $90,000

* $45,000 year 1 pricing includes minimum license level (<101) for Year 2 and 3 and includes support for up to 5 named developers.
* To be eligible for an embed license pricing you must ship a software application along with the embed R+ product. This application needs to be more than the functionality of ReportPlus. You may not use R+ embed for the sole purpose of exposing only its functionality.
** Years 2 and 3 over 100 licenses based on Product level pricing. True up end of year 2 and end of year 3 based on actual licenses utilized.
^ Services rendered at the beginning of the engagement in year 1. Ongoing post deployment costs beyond the scope of the service offering are TBD. Specific product customization requests are TBD based on the specifics of the requests.

Task 1: Workshop


Infragistics will work with the project owner in defining the data to be visualized in a ReportPlus dashboard


  • Kickoff meeting between the client project owner, client IT/technical staff, client development staff, and Infragistics Enterprise Services
  • Collaborate with the project owner to identify metrics and key performance indicators to be displayed within the top level dashboard
  • Direct individual client groups, utilizing output of the kickoff meeting, on tasks needed for data ETL and loading within ReportPlus. If client groups are unavailable to perform ETL services, Infragistics will estimate those tasks as a separate effort.
  • Identify obstacles during the kickoff or during subsequent research\data development and investigate for possible workarounds

Task 2: Training


Educate client staff in various facets of ReportPlus administration


Infragistics UX team works with the project team to generate a concept design that shows the envisioned interaction between users and application within the time available.

  • Walkthrough of dashboard creation, storage, modification, and distribution
  • Discussion of authentication and authorization options
  • Managing upgrades to ReportPlus and the ReportPlus SDK
  • Discussion of ReportPlus architecture and client data architecture

Task 3: Installation


Identify the platform in which ReportPlus will be embedded and assist the client development team in incorporating it into the target application


  • Identify location of ReportPlus Dashboard files (*.rplus) – cloud or on-premises
  • Setup ReportPlus dashboard storage
  • Work with the client IT staff to gain access and proper credentials to data sources
  • Work with the client development staff to gain access to application source code
  • Assist client development staff in choosing and deploying the proper authentication\ authorization methodology
  • Install the appropriate ReportPlus SDK
  • Identify the areas within the application ReportPlus dashboards will be displayed
  • Assist the client development staff in integrating ReportPlus via the SDK into the application
  • Test application by loading sample dashboards

Task 4: Dashboards


Creation of the dashboards identified during the Workshop task


  • Create dashboards replicating the required data visualizations and drill downs specified via the ReportPlus Web Repository or ReportPlus Desktop application as time permits
  • Collaborate with the project owner to test the validity and functionality of the dashboards
  • Store the resulting ReportPlus Dashboard files in the selected location

Appendix A - FAQs

Who from the client side will need to be involved in the kickoff meeting?

Several different groups are required for an optimal delivery of this Services package:

  • Project Owner – This individual (or individuals) are needed to help guide the direction of the data visualizations needed by the organization, i.e. what metrics are the most important to display, and what second-level information is needed beyond the top-level reporting.
  • Information Technology – This group is key in executing the (responsible for data) tasks required for placing the live\production data into an intermediary source for ReportPlus to access, which will ensure both high performance and low latency in accessing updated reports.
  • Development Team – Infragistics will closely guide the programmers responsible for the solution in which ReportPlus will be embedded. From identifying the authentication and authorization solutions supported by ReportPlus, to instruction on the SDK and specific lines of code needed to complete the embed process.

Where will the dashboards be stored?

Dashboards can be stored in a number of locations:

  • Locally – Depending on the type of application in which ReportPlus is embedded, individual *.rplus files can be stored locally and shared via email or any other file-sharing methodology
  • Cloud – ReportPlus Cloud Storage provides a way to share your dashboards automatically across all of your devices. Every dashboard created on your device will be automatically synchronized with the cloud storage, and then sent to any other device associated to your account.
  • On-Premise Server – This option offers you the ability to have all the dashboards administered and stored securely in your own infrastructure. You can take advantage of your existing Active Directory structure to define who can create and access dashboards in the same hierarchical way you can assign permissions in a shared file system.

*Does the service engagement include ETL services?

ETL services are not included in the services listed above. During the Workshop task, Infragistics will work with the client to determine if ETL services are required and enlist the use of tools and\or services (at an additional cost dependent on the size and scope required).

Is there a limitation to the number of places ReportPlus can be embedded?

While there is no technical limitation on the number of embedded locations, Infragistics will work with the client development team in implementing ReportPlus within one selected screen of the target application. The methodology used to embed in that screen can then be duplicated to other areas by the client development team.

What types of visualizations are available?

The full list of data visualizations included within ReportPlus is located on the Infragistics website. Custom visualizations are available, but are outside of the scope of this engagement.

Can ReportPlus connect directly to production data?

While ReportPlus has adapters to connect to a vast number of different data sources, connecting to live or production data should be limited to circumstances when the data itself is of low volatility (relatively few changes hour by hour) and has a low number of concurrent connections (either for updates or reporting). Otherwise, performance in ReportPlus and the data source itself (along with any application reliant on that data) will deteriorate.

How many dashboards and levels of drilldown will be implemented?

Infragistics will assist in creating a top level dashboard along with one level of drilldown.

Is more support available after the time specified within this offer?

If more assistance is needed with a ReportPlus Embedded solution after the completion of all of the tasks outlined above, a Change Order can be executed to provide ongoing support on a retainer-based model. This support can be utilized for technical issues with the SDK, assistance in embedding in other areas of the application (or new applications), and in creating more dashboards and levels of drilldown.

What platforms are available for embedding ReportPlus?

ReportPlus can currently be embedded into an iOS, Desktop (WPF), or Web (ASP.NET/jQuery) application.

What support does Infragistics provide after this engagement?

Priority support for the embedded product is available for each year of active subscription of ReportPlus. Additional support from the Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Services team can be purchased as a retainer through a change order.

Appendix B - Requirements

Below are requirements across the available platforms for embedding ReportPlus



You will need to have Xcode 7.3 or newer.

iOS version

ReportPlus requires iOS 8 or later. If your application supports previous versions, you will need to disable the ReportPlus component for those versions.

ReportPlus Frameworks

You will need to get a copy of the ReportPlus frameworks to include them in your application. The specific files you will need are:

  • IG.framework
  • IGChart.framework
  • IGMF.framework
  • SPFoundation.framework
  • RPEngine.framework
  • RPUI.framework
  • RPConnectors.framework


Minimum required application target framework: .NET 4.6


ReportPlus Server

  • A Windows Server with 4 Gb+ memory
  • Access to a MS SQL Server. (Repository, Secure Store and a few other databases used by the dashboard server will be created).
  • The Windows server should:
    • Have IIS Installed
    • Have .Net Framework 4.6 and ASP.Net 4.0 registered in IIS
    • Have Windows authentication enabled for IIS.
    • Be part of a Network Domain with access to users in an Active Directory. Dashboards Repository security is integrated with an Active Directory module in this version of ReportPlus Web.
    • Depending on the data sources that will be used for the dashboards, the Windows server may • RPEngine.framework • RPUI.framework • RPConnectors.framework Chrome (Latest Two Major Versions) Firefox (Latest Two Major Versions) need to have some additional components installed in order to work properly with those data sources. For example, you would need to have client libraries installed if you wanted to use Analysis Services or SharePoint. If you only want to use SQL Server or Excel, you won’t need anything else.
  • Web Browsers supported:
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Chrome (Latest Two Major Versions)
    • Firefox (Latest Two Major Versions)

Web Application

In order to use the igDashboardViewer widget, your web application will need to have references to:

  • jQuery 1.9.1 +
  • jQuery-UI 1.10.2 +
  • Modernizer 2.6.2 +

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