Modernize Your Application with Infragistics

It seems like common sense: older applications written using Infragistics controls will benefit from the increased functionality and performance improvements contained within newer releases.

However, upgrading to a new version, moving to a new platform, or creating a hybrid application that incorporates both the older architecture and newer frameworks can be a daunting task - one that many teams do not have the expertise or time to properly assess. That’s where Infragistics can help.

Infragistics Control Upgrade Analysis

With our Control Upgrade Analysis program, we can assist in your upgrade or migration efforts by providing an upgrade analysis and recommendations and a new license for the control suite, helping to modernize your application and improve the experience for your users.

From working with your development team and your application’s source code, to providing the architecture and functionality specifications, to mentoring your developers through the heavy lifting, Infragistics is capable of lending support across all levels and needs.

In this 40-hour project, we’ll work with you to cover:

  • Source Code Analysis – Infragistics will work with you in reviewing your existing source code and architecture in order to better inform the decision on upgrading vs. migrating.
  • Application Environment Analysis – Determine how your users are currently using the application and how they will need to use it going forward, which will provide further information to shape our recommendations.
  • Recommendation Report – This document outlines both the easiest option for upgrading the application and the recommended option, if different, for upgrading or migrating. Both options will have a detailed list of pros and cons describing the trade-offs, timeline, and resources needed. Infragistics will work with you in understanding your options.
  • Upgrade or Migration – As time permits, we may be able to begin the process based on the option you choose, whether that means creating a new architecture to make the most of modern technologies or adapting your existing application to minimize the impact on your release schedule.

Why let your application – and its users – suffer any longer?
Email to see if you qualify for a Control Upgrade Analysis and modernize your application today!

"Our custom reporting tool, which was designed to deliver large amounts of data to our administrators, staff and teachers, was functional but lacked the ease-of-use and graphical appeal needed to bridge all levels of technology proficiency. Working closely with Infragistics, we were able to meet our goals and deliver to our end users a graphically aesthetic experience that is easily navigable and maintains the full functionality of our reporting tool."

Patrick McDermott, IT Director

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