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With any successful application, usability is key. But too often, usability falls by the wayside creating a domino-effect of issues that ultimately lead to a poor user experience, increased time-on-task and expensive training requirements.

Let Infragistics help you address those issues with our free Application Usability Review.

Over the course of 8 hours, Infragistics’ UX Consultants will review your application from your user’s perspectives to give you a sense of its overall usability, and identify specific issues that should be addressed.

Our Process

  • Application Walk-Through – First, our UX Strategists will listen as you walk them through important functionality and key use cases.
  • Application Environment Analysis – Determine how your users are currently using the application and how they will need to use it going forward, which will provide further information to shape our recommendations.
  • Usability Review – Next, we’ll review your application against 10 key areas of usability to show you how your application stacks up in each.
  • Usability Scorecard – Our team will deliver a usability scorecard that explains where and why your application did well and where it did not. For those companies that are considering Infragistics as their UX partner, we will also estimate the effort needed to carry out the usability recommendations.

Don’t wait and let usability issues pile up.
Email to request your FREE Application Usability Review and give your users the best experience possible!

"Infragistics really encouraged us to think well beyond the traditional aspects of development and emphasized the overall user experience."

Michael Straub, Vice President of Software Development

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