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From initial research to final code, the Infragistics Consulting team will work with you to deliver inspiring designs, improved business processes, and increased profitability.

Thought Leadership

Need a higher-level view of the current technology landscape? Our whitepapers cover every facet of the digital experience from UX to mobility and beyond.

Enterprise UX Enablement

With worldwide spending on software forecasted to be $409 billion US by 2018, a lot is at stake as you set out on your next software project. The key factor to success in these endeavors: User Experience. Download this whitepaper today and let us help you focus on UX to stay competitive in a growing IT-driven market.

The Business Value of UX

Once considered a luxury or an added expense, good user experience is the key to growth, innovation, and product differentiation. In this whitepaper, we explore the impact that good UX has on your enterprise, including increased sales, reduced development costs, reduced support costs, and greater customer loyalty.

"The team at Infragistics is a pleasure to work with and continued to be dedicated throughout the process in helping us to reach our goals for a new and improved user experience. We are excited and looking forward to launching our new application."
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