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The Essentials for Business Professionals training course is geared specifically to those whose job it is to manage UI-related products and projects and steer them to market success by great user experience. We concentrated the relevant contents into a one day class, so that you are only away from your desk shortly, but still get the maximum knowledge about those aspects of UX that pertain to your job.


Introduction to User ExperienceThis module introduces the concept of User Experience and shows why a high quality UX is a critical factor in determining the success of a product. The User Centered Design process is introduced, a process that allows the product development team to engineer usability and appeal into the product. Concrete examples are used to illustrate how usability and appeal work together to define the UX.

Hall of Fame, Hall of Shame: Examples of User Experience (Class Exercise)Examples of real products are presented, evaluated and discussed. Sometimes it can be easily determined if a product provides a good UX just by looking at it, although typically it has to be used to allow an accurate determination of UX quality. The examples provide a quality range for UX and give participants some early benchmarks to help recognize the extremes of UX and the type of designs to aspire towards.

The Case for User Experience: Return-on-Investment(with Sample Cases)The positive ROI of investments in user experience has been proven throughout the industry. Yet, a high quality UX is typically only one of many features that a manager must evaluate in terms of development cost and benefits. This module presents methods for calculating and understanding the costs and benefits of developing a quality UX.

Accelerating the ROI of User Experience with Controls & PatternsPatterns and Controls allow developing the user experience more efficiently and consistently. Understanding what patterns and controls are available, the problems they are designed to solve and when to use them is critical to building a high quality UX.

Incorporating User Experience into Development ProcessesThis module presents the most common development models (agile, spiral, waterfall), the details of the UX process, and how to integrate the UX process into the overall development process for maximum effectiveness.

Hands-on Session: Identify UX Links to Your Development ProcessThis exercise allows participants to use their own development model and determine how to fit the UX design process within it. The value-added of UX will be discussed at each phase of the development process.


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"We have been researching professional UX training providers worldwide for several months and decided to go with Infragistics. The 2-day UX training we got onsite proved to be what we had hoped for."

Mohammad Parham Al Awadhi, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Emirates NBD

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