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Ignite UI is the most complete library of enterprise-grade UI components available, including libraries for Angular, ASP.NET (Core and MVC), Blazor, jQuery, React, Web Components and more. With 100s of data charts, grids and components, Ignite UI comes with everything you need to build modern, enterprise-grade web application.

Upon completion of the download process, you will receive an email with instructions for the platform installer. Once the installer is launched, you can choose your preferred way to install via CDN links, Package Manager or a custom build option. Additional instructions for installing our true Angular components are included in the email you will receive upon completing the trial sign up process.

Complete your download in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the form, and we’ll e-mail you a download link.
  2. Click the link, and optionally choose additional components to try for free.
  3. Download your trial and get coding!
Ignite UI for React application screenshot