Technology Modernization & Migration Solutions

When faced with the challenge of any transformation – like a desktop to Web initiative - you need to go beyond the obvious and get to a deeper level of understanding of the pitfalls and challenges found in major technology migrations. Infragistics has the expertise and the tools to ensure your next major project is a success.

Learn About the Issues

Before you set out to update the user experience of your applications while leveraging the power of modern Web platforms, get familiar with the migration process using the resources below.

Whitepaper: Application Migration

Migrating your legacy desktop applications to the Web requires careful, comprehensive planning. This whitepaper provides concrete guidance through every step of your digital transformation project, from the initial idea to finished product.

Technology Transformation Checklist

Your next migration effort doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In this Executive Fact Sheet, we’ll cover everything from start to finish to ensure that your enterprise migration project runs smoothly at all stages.

Help Where You Need It

Once you’ve learned all about the process, Infragistics’ team of experts is ready to assess and assist you in whatever ways work best for your unique needs, whether with face-to-face consulting or educational, on-demand webinars.

Custom Tailored UX Consulting Services

In our Mobile Needs Assessment, our UX Services Team works with you to identify your technology needs, coordinate new application integration with your overall business strategy, and determine the best approach to take. And in our Innovation Analysis, our team applies the Infragistics Design Process to your project within the development timeline and exposes the detailed, repeatable steps needed to create innovative solutions.

Knowledge On-Demand

Get a hands-on look at how to successfully implement a desktop to Web transformation in your own enterprise with these in-depth webinars, hosted by Infragistics’ experts in design, prototyping, and development.

How Can We Help?

Ready to transform your digital landscape? Take a closer look at our toolsets with a free trial download of our complete suite of prototyping and developer tools: Infragistics Ultimate. Or if you’re interested in speaking with our team, contact us using the form below and get ready to create experiences that matter.

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