Seminar: Creating Effective Dashboards & Data Visualizations

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Event Description

True self-service BI is the holy-grail of any business. Having your teams securely access disparate corporate data stores to gain new insights and make smarter decisions faster will fuel accountability and drive the success of key initiatives in your organization.

With ReportPlus, this is possible – across any screen – with desktop, web and mobile-first solutions that give your customers and employees the ability to create, view and share rich visualizations and dashboards anytime, anywhere, on any device.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How ReportPlus delivers on the promise of a self-service BI story
  • How to create and share dashboards connected to multiple data end points
  • How to deliver dashboard solutions into your own apps with embedded BI

At the end of this seminar, you will fully understand how to connect to data in real-time, creative interactive and expressive visualizations, and integrate dashboards into your next app – all with the end-goal of enabling your customers and workforce to make smarter decisions faster with ReportPlus

Event Agenda

Topic Duration Speaker
Total Time ~ 4 hours  
Introduction / Housekeeping / Agenda Review 10 min Phil
The Dynamics of Self-Service BI: Using ReportPlus to Build and Share Dashboards 75 min TBD
Modern UI Framework Choices: Pros, Cons and How to Choose 30 min Jason
Break 15 min  
Ignite UI: Implementing a modern UX for desktop web & mobile with Angular & Ignite 70 min Jason
Wrap Up 10 min Phill