User Group: UXify 2016

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Event Description

UXify US is an annual half day conference about designing great digital experiences, and we're pleased to announce that this year's event will take place on Saturday, April 9th from Noon-5PM.

Now in its fourth year, UXify is a user experience conference that brings together the community of academics, practitioners, technologists, and business leaders for a conversation about this year's theme: Migrating from Desktop to Web and Mobile.

Thought leaders from across the East coast will be discussing applied design, UX, content strategy and development at Infragistics ultra-sleek, central NJ-based headquarters - and we invite you to join us! It's an excellent opportunity to network, learn, share knowledge and gain new insights, so register here for free today!

Speaker List:
Christopher Lukose, Director of Implementation Services, Infragistics

Presentation Title: TBA

Jose Coronado, Principal Consultant, ITX Digital

Mobile Experience: If Not Now, When?
Linkedin, Twitter

David Farkas, Senior UX Designer, EPAM Empathy Lab

Heuristic Evaluations: Beyond the Academic Review
Linkedin, Twitter

Stefan Ivanov and Andrea Silveira, Senior UX Architect and Art Director, Infragistics

Presentation Title: TBA

Mary Michaels, Global Director of Training Evolution and Certification, Human Factors International

Been There...Done That! How You Can Avoid 10 Fundamental UX Design Mistakes That Are Currently Being Repeated

Jim Muntone, User Experience Lead, 1WorldSync

Contextual Inquiry: How Ethnographic Research Can Drive Your User Experience

Jeff Sorge, UX Research Manager, AT&T

Travel from Desktop to Mobile

Justin Wear, Principal Design Researcher, Electronic Ink

Elevator Moments: Designing for the In-Between
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