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In addition to downloading this complimentary Gartner research, join the conversation at the Infragistics blog, where we we’re talking about not just the future of developing mobile apps, but where traditional desktop apps fit in this puzzle.

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Take your development to the next level with Infragistics Xamarin, a rich library of controls and productivity tools that enable developers to quickly and easily build native, high-performance mobile LOB apps on iOS and Android devices.
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Top 10 Xamarin Tips and Traps gives you must-know info for using Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms with Visual Studio to create cross-platform mobile apps.
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Once you’ve downloaded Infragistics Xamarin, get to work fast with these six easy lessons:

  • Application Map: Map out the entire flow of your app with App Map, the first visual diagramming IDE for Xamarin.
  • NuGet Xamarin.Forms Toolbox: Stop wasting time on manual XML namespace definition. Use our Xamarin.Forms Toolbox to drag and drop controls to the XAML editor and automatically add your XMLNS declarations.
  • Control Configurators: Shave hours off your development time with Ultimate UI for Xamarin Control Configurators.
  • Virtual Data Grid: The Ultimate UI for Xamarin data grid’s virtual rendering can handle unlimited data, rows or columns with fast rendering, smooth touch interactions, and customized column and row interactions.
  • High-Performance, High-Volume Charting: Need visualizations that can render thousands to millions of data points flawlessly on a mobile device with millisecond refresh rates and immediate touch response? 
  • Stress Test Rendering: In financial and medical applications, rendering multiple charts on a single screen with near real-time data is standard practice. See how an Ultimate UI for Xamarin data chart performs under this level of stress on standard tablets and phones, and how you can tweak charts to optimize performance.

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