Welcome to the ReportPlus iOS Administrator Guide!

This is the place where you will find technical information on ReportPlus to completely administrate your solution. This includes configuration, deployment and user experience customization details, in addition to data source specifications.

About ReportPlus

ReportPlus is a dashboard-authoring tool that allows you to create rich visualizations retrieving data from multiple data sources like relational databases, cloud services and others.

You can use ReportPlus in multiple ways and in multiple platforms, as a stand-alone application in a single device, as a personal application across all of your devices or as part of an enterprise deployment. The connections to the data sources, in all cases, is established directly from the device itself. There is no need for a server side component to use ReportPlus.

Using ReportPlus on your devices

The easiest way to use ReportPlus is to download the iOS-based application from the Apple AppStore, and start creating your own dashboards. You can also get a Desktop version for Windows from the Infragistics Website.

ReportPlus iOS documentation includes:


Developer Guide: This is the place where you will find technical information on the ReportPlus platforms, products and services, including architecture information.


User Guide: The purpose of this guide is to help users work with the ReportPlus application, with detailed information on data visualizations, filters, and multiple other features.