ReportPlus Fundamentals

Accessing your data with ReportPlus

The following diagram shows how ReportPlus connects to data sources, and how it supports multiple repositories to store the dashboards.


ReportPlus iOS, Android and Desktop

The iOS, Android and Desktop platforms access the data directly from the data sources. This is because your connection is either one of these:

  • An internal local area network.

  • A VPN connection.

  • Cloud-service services accessible through the internet.

In any case, there is no need for a server-side component to be installed in advance for you to use ReportPlus in your device.

ReportPlus Server

Using ReportPlus Server means that you can open your dashboards using a standard browser application (e.g.: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer). In this case, you need the on-premise ReportPlus Server installed in your company’s network.

In the case of an on-premise ReportPlus Server installation, the data is accessed by the server and sent to the Web Browser in order to be rendered.

The following diagram shows how an on-premise ReportPlus Server connects to data sources: