ReportPlus Server Architecture

The following diagram shows the architecture for the ReportPlus Server. This server side component exposes a web API which provides the following services:

  • For the Web Client:

    • Dashboard Repository administration and browsing.

    • Security administration.

    • Data access.

  • ReportPlus Clients running on devices

    • Dashboard storage services.


Identity Services Component

The “Identity Services” component provides the list of users and roles to be used (by default from Active Directory) when authenticating and setting permissions. It also provides the integration with Kerberos.

This component can be replaced by a custom identity management component in order to authenticate your users using your own authentication system in the case that Active Directory is not being used.

Integration with Kerberos

The integration with Kerberos allows users to access data stored in enterprise databases (like MS SQL Server) using their domain authentication without additional authentication to the database server itself.

Security Layer

The Security Layer handles the secure storage of credentials used to access data sources and the Repository handles the storage of dashboards, their organization in folders, and the permissions associated to them.

Data Layer

The Data Layer (and its connectors) uses the Security Layer and the Identity Services component in order to authenticate to each data source. The authentication will be performed either by using explicit credentials loaded from the secure storage, or through impersonation using the Kerberos infrastructure.