Welcome to the ReportPlus iOS Dev Hub!

This is the place where you will find technical information on the ReportPlus platforms, products and services, including architecture information.

Developer Documents


ReportPlus Architecture Guide: The purpose of the Architecture Guide is to help developers and solution architects understand how to effectively build quality applications using ReportPlus. Within the document you will find detailed information on ReportPlus, including storage, component, data layer, client and server architecture details.


ReportPlus Embedded - SDK Guide: The Embedded SDK Guide describes how to embed the ReportPlus v5 component into your iOS application. This component allows you to render dashboards created in the standalone application by embedding the viewer component in your own iOS application. You will find embedding requirements, information on how to prepare your project and use the ReportPlus component, and an appendix with the list of supported properties on data sources for each provider.