Embedding Requirements

To embed the ReportPlus viewer component, you will need to meet the following requirements:


You will need to have Xcode 8.1 or newer.

iOS version

ReportPlus requires iOS 9 or later. If your application supports previous versions, you will need to disable the ReportPlus component for those versions.

ReportPlus Frameworks

You will need to get a copy of the ReportPlus frameworks to include them in your application. The specific files you will need are:

  • IG.framework

  • IGChart.framework

  • IGMF.framework

  • MobileChart.framework

  • SPFoundation.framework

  • Requests.framework

  • Core.framework

  • UI.framework

  • RPEngine.framework

  • RPUI.framework

  • RPConnectors.framework

ReportPlus SDK Sample

It is strongly advised to take a look at the RPSample application project. This is a very simple application that embeds ReportPlus to visualize dashboards.


Note: To gain access to the ReportPlus frameworks and SDK sample, please contact