Modifying your Build Settings

Before adding the ReportPlus framework files to the Project embedded binaries, you will need to modify a setting in your Build Settings.


  1. In Xcode, go to Build Settings for your application target.

  2. Search for “bitcode”.

  3. Set the “Enable Bitcode” setting to “No”

  1. Configure the project to embed Swift standard libraries.


Adding the ReportPlus framework to your application

After modifying your Build Settings, you will be ready to add the ReportPlus frameworks to your application.


  1. In Xcode, go to the application Target Settings.

  2. Go to General.

  3. Look for the “Embedded Binaries” option.

  1. Press the “+” button and select all of the “.framework” files in the distribution:

    • IG.framework

    • IGChart.framework

    • IGMF.framework

    • MobileChart.framework

    • Requests.framework

    • RPConnectors.framework (optional)

    • RPEngine.framework

    • RPUI.framework

    • SPFoundation.framework

    • UI.framework

  2. When prompted select Create Groups and move the references to the desired group in your project (like “Frameworks” or “Dependencies”).

The General tab should now look like the following:


As you can see, the frameworks are automatically added to the “Linked Frameworks and Libraries”. This means you are ready to start using the ReportPlus component in your application.


Note: RPEgnine framework includes connectors for SharePoint, CSV and Excel files, while RPConnectors.framework includes the rest of the connectors. That is why RPConnectors if optional; if you will use CSV or Excel files, stored locally or in a SharePoint server, you will not need it.

Adding the License file

To use the ReportPlus component in your application, you will need a license file (license.rplic), which you should have received along with the framework. The license file is associated with the bundle of your application, so you will need a new license file if you change the bundle ID in the future.

The license file is read as a resource file, so you will need to add it as a resource in the Build Phases section.


  1. In Xcode, go to Build Phases for your target.

  2. Expand Copy Bundle Resources.

  3. Press the “+” button.

  4. Select the license.rplic file.

If you have added the file before to your project, it will be available in the first screen. If not, you may need to press the “Add Other” button and browse to the location of the file in the file system.