The term ReportPlus Server refers to two different applications: the Dashboards Web Repository and the ReportPlus Web App.

Dashboards Web Repository

The repository is an application that allows you to store and administrate dashboards and folders. It has a web interface we can use to create, edit or delete folders and dashboards, and also to manage repository permissions configuration. The repository server can be integrated with your existing User/Group management infrastructure and let you configure the repository permissions based on them. The following is a screenshot of our demo environment’s Dashboards Web Repository Interface:


ReportPlus Web App

ReportPlus Web App is a web application used to render a specific dashboard, which can be stored in the repository, server local files or SharePoint list. Technically speaking, it is an ASP.NET application with a jQuery widget, the main component required to render a dashboard.

The jQuery widget can be configured to communicate with the ReportPlus Web backend server. The purpose of this server is to process the dashboards, connect to their data sources, retrieve data and send it to the front end after all required data transformations. The jQuery widget control is very light as all data processing is done on the server side.