Known Issues

Updating ReportPlus Server

Elevated Permissions required

On some machines running the installer to update the build might fail due to restrictions on the elevated permission granted to the installer. A possible workaround for this issue can be launching the installer form a command line prompt started as Administrator.

Web.config backup

Running the product installer to update the server sometimes will override the Web.config file. As a recommendation, you should backup the Web.config file before running the installer and restore it if it was overridden.

Lost ISS Bindings

Running the installer to update the server will wipe out any bindings in IIS. After running the installer, you should re-add all bindings in IIS

Uninstalling ReportPlus Server

Confirmation Message

When uninstalling ReportPlus Server, you will see a message saying the installation has been completed. Disregard the message; your application will be uninstalled correctly.

Uninstall Hangs

The Uninstaller will become unresponsive when the process is about to finish. You will see the following error:


Click “Close the program”. The uninstaller will then finish running.

Databases not removed after uninstall

Databases are not removed after ReportPlus Server is uninstalled even if “Remove Databases” is selected.