For the purposes of this guide, the term ReportPlus Server refers to three distinct applications: the Dashboards Web Repository, ReportPlus Dashboard Viewer and the ReportPlus Embed Server.

Dashboards Web Repository

The Dashboards Web Repository is an application that allows users to store and administer folders and dashboards. The Dashboards Web Repository web interface enables users to create, edit, and delete folders and manage both your dashboards and the repository’s permissions configuration. The repository server can be integrated with an organization’s existing User/Group management to administer the repository’s permissions. It can also be accessed in ReportPlus iOS, ReportPlus Android, and ReportPlus Desktop, as the main dashboards repository can be shared among many users and devices. The following is a screenshot of ReportPlus demo environment’s Dashboards Web Repository:


ReportPlus Dashboard Viewer

The ReportPlus Dashboard Viewer is the web application used to render a dashboard. Dashboards are stored in the web repository. It consists of two parts: an ASP.NET webserver running on the backend and a jQuery widget on the browser frontend. The backend supplies visualization information over the network to the frontend which renders the dashboards in the users’ browsers.

In more detail, the ASP.NET server is tasked with processing the dashboards, connecting to and managing the dashboards’ data sources, retrieving data from those data sources, and sending it to the jQuery widget after transforming the data accordingly. This architecture makes for a very lightweight frontend, as all the data processing is performed server side.

ReportPlus Embed Server

The ReportPlus Embed Server is a component of ReportPlus installed separately for cases where you want to embed the ReportPlus Dashboard Viewer in a public facing internet or extranet application. To use ReportPlus in these types of solutions the administrator of the ReportPlus application must install the ReportPlus Embed Server and configure one or more application users using the ReportPlus Repository Permissions dialog.