Chart Views

There are a number of available chart types:

  • Single series chart types:

    • Column Chart

    • Bar Chart

    • Line Chart

    • Spline with Area Chart

    • Pie Chart

    • Area Chart

    • Spline Chart

    • Doughnut Chart

    • Circular Chart

    • Funnel Chart

    • Step Line Chart

    • Step Area Chart

  • Two or more series required chart types:

    • 2 Y-Axis Chart

    • Scatter Chart

    • Bubble Chart

    • Polar Chart

    • Stacked Column Chart

    • Stacked Bar Chart

    • Stacked Area Chart

    • OHLC Chart

    • Candlestick Chart

Chart Trendlines

Chart settings enable the display of trend lines, which are lines that are painted across a chart, based on an algorithm. Trendlines are a very simple, yet powerful tool to help you determine trends in data sets, and define thresholds for taking action. The supported algorithms are Linear Fit, Quadratic Fit, Cubic Fit, Quartic Fit, Logarithmic Fit, Exponential Fit, Power Law Fit, Simple Average, Exponential Average, Modified Average, Cumulative Average, Weighted Average.


Percentage Distribution

With this feature, the 0-100 default scale is overridden. This allows users to visualize the percentage distribution of the values in the chart.

StackedPercentageDistribution Android.png

Start Position and Slice Labels

The start position for Pie and Doughnut charts allows users to define one of the four cardinal directions as a starting point for their information. The chart below shows a pie chart with a start position of 270 degrees.


For Funnel, Pie, and Doughnut charts, slices can display values, percentages, or both at the same time.