Do-It-Yourself Visualization

ReportPlus offers multiple components for visualizing data, including the grid view, gauge view, map view and several chart types. There are some cases, though, where you would like to have another visualization method, not supported out of the box, that you feel would be a better fit for your scenario. It is for these cases that ReportPlus introduces the ability to do your own custom visualization component and display it in a widget as part of a ReportPlus dashboard.


A gallery with the following custom HTML visualizations is provided to be used as samples:

  • Hello World. It generates a table with the data set retrieved from ReportPlus.

  • U.S. States. Map showing the 50 states of the US. It expects a data set with two columns: the first one with the two-letter state code, the second with a number displayed in the state’s tooltip. If conditional formatting is enabled for the number field, then the state’s background colors will be set accordingly. For example, the visualization below shows states population with conditional formatting turned on.

  • World Countries. World Map sample. It expects two columns: the first one with the name of the country, the second with a number used to color each country.