Heat Map View

The Heat Map view displays information graphically on a map with colors. As with the Map View, each row in the data set will be bound to a location in the world map. The Heat Map, however, will identify high-density areas as 'hot' and low-density areas as 'cold', so you will be able to quickly identify areas with high data intensity.


As with the Map View, the map type displayed can either be the standard political map, a satellite picture or a hybrid between the two.

Heat Map Layers

ReportPlus Android also supports an additional layer for your Heat Map visualization; the Pins and HeatMap layer.


Assigning Weight to a Heat Map variable

The Heat Map offers a simple yet effective way to display information in relation to the point of distribution through color intensity. However, you might want to display some information more prominently in the map, which is when the Weight you assign to a variable comes into play. Regular Heat Maps only consider the point of distribution to determine the color intensity, but if you use the Weight variable, the Heat Map will use it to determine how much intensity one pin contributes.