Selecting the Fields and Visualization for the First Widget

Let’s focus on creating the "A/R Aging" widget in the sample dashboard presented at the beginning of this tutorial. The widget displays a Stacked Column Chart, and, as such, it requires two or more fields to be dragged and dropped into the "Values" placeholder of the pivot table. This particular widget displays five fields:

  • Week Ended

  • Current

  • 31-60

  • 61-90

  • 91+

First, drag and drop:

  • Week Ended into the Rows placeholder of the pivot table.

  • Current, 31-60, 61-90 and 91+ into the Values placeholder.


Then, open the Visualizations pane by clicking the chart icon in the right menu.


To change your visualization, select the following visualization:


Change the widget’s title to "A/R Aging" from the General menu.