Creating a ReportPlus Account and Logging In

When you first install and open the application, you will be presented with the following screen.


You will need to create your account through the Infragistics 'My Account' website to log into the application.

Registering for ReportPlus

If you already have a ReportPlus account, skip this section and navigate to Logging into ReportPlus.

In order to create an account to use in ReportPlus:

  1. Go to the Infragistics 'My Account' website.

  2. Click "Create a New Account"

  3. Enter the following information:

    1. Email: the email address you want associated to your ReportPlus account.

    2. Password: the password you will log in with.

    3. First Name

    4. Last Name

You will then receive an e-mail from Infragistics requesting that you verify your account with either a validation code or a link. You can also use this account to log into the Infragistics website and manage your products, keys, and support interactions.

Logging into ReportPlus

The log in process is different for free/trial and Enterprise users.

Free/Trial Users

If you do not have a ReportPlus subscription or are not an Enterprise user, you will need to start your trial through the application.


You will need to start the "Start my 30 Day Trial" button before logging in to activate your trial.

This will prompt the following message:


Upon logging into the application, you will have access to all of Desktop’s features for 30 days, after which you will need to have an Enterprise license. You can acquire one by clicking the "Upgrade Now" button in the application.


Enterprise Users

If you already have an Enterprise license, you only need to log into ReportPlus using the "Sign In" option in the welcome screen. After you log in, your dashboards, if you have any, will be synchronized .