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To configure a SharePoint Data Source, you will need to enter the following information:

EnterSharePointServerdetails Desktop.png
  1. Data Source Name: this field will be displayed in the Data Sources list.

  2. URL: the URL where the SharePoint site is located.

  3. Advanced Settings: these are optional settings, and they include:

    • Authentication Method: the authentication method must match the SharePoint site’s method. If you don’t know which one to choose, ask your Help Desk or IT Manager.

    • User-Agent. The ReportPlus user agent. If empty, the standard agent is used.

    • Timeout (sec). This will let you configure the amount of time (in seconds) that ReportPlus will try to connect using a network. If there’s no response within this time, the application will stop trying and give a Connection timeout error.

  4. Account: after clicking Next, a new dialog will be displayed. You can either enter new credentials for SharePoint or select existing ones if applicable.

Advanced Configuration: Parameters

When you create a widget with information coming from a SharePoint list or document library with multiple views, you can enter parameters to display a specific view. You will find the views in the Parameters tab.


In addition to the view, you can also configure the maximum amount of rows you want to see. The widget below displays the "Development Team" view with a maximum of 3 rows.